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Open Letter to the Superintendents of the School Districts of the United States writen by The American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Copy of original letter can be downloaded from the attachment section at the bottom of this web page.
The Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is a think tank that promotes a healthier environment through research, education, and policy.
In 2012, Dr. Martin Blank wrote the following letter about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). He wrote this letter in support of a limit on the construction of cell towers in the vicinity of schools. You can download a copy of the letter in the attachments section at…
A antena de telecomunicações instalada ao lado da Escola D.Maria II, em Gavião, autorizada pela Câmara de Famalicão e como fonte de dinheiro para um lar da Mesiricórdia - em cujo terreno a dita antena está já instalada e a 5 metros da escola - irá entrar em funcionamento apesar…
Don't you find it strange that NO CONSULTATION, no DISCLOSURE WORKSHOPS, NO REAL INFORMATION has been forthcoming from the European Commission or from any of the governments involved to gain informed consent from parties that will be directly affected? Namelly all European Citizens and foreign residents and visitors.
Hosted by Michael Barbaro, produced by Lynsea Garrison, Jessica Cheung and Theo Balcomb, and edited by Lisa Tobin. In the race to dominate the next generation of cellular networks, both the United States and China know there’s much more at stake than ultrafast internet. This podcast is a must listen…
There’s no doubt that the break-neck speed at which 5G is being deployed worldwide should worry you. Fairly soon it will become apparent the significant role that 5G has on the development and implementation of the “devilish” UN driven smart city program.
The wireless industry dreams of deploying its new 5G (fifth generation) infrastructure in your neighbourhood soon, as it has begun doing in California. Boxes the size of a PC could be placed every 150 meters or so on utility poles, sometimes with small-refrigerator-sized boxes on the ground. 5G technology uses…
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