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Print and place them all over your street, and surrounding areas anywhere possible. They are a dramatic way to inform your neighbors of the small cell antennas that may be coming soon to your area.
Os nossos governantes perderam a cabeça! Numa decisão tomada de uma forma totalmente irresponsavel, o governo quer que 90% da população esteja ligada a rede 5G e 100 Mbps até 2025. E esta decisão foi tomada sem haver uma consulta publica séria, e sem avisos sobre os riscos para a…
Former PC Mag writer John C. Dvorak was fired after an opinion column which was critical of 5G — and his column was removed.
We strongly recommend that you listen to this talk.
Listen to Claire Edwards tackling 5G at UN meeting and confronts Gueterres head on.
A Fundação Champalimaud, que em 2018 recebeu 50 milhões de um casal de filantropos franceses , e que tem “como prioridade estimular descobertas que beneficiem as pessoas”, nomeadamente nas áreas das neurociências e do cancro, abriu as portas à terceira edição da Vodafone Business Conference que vai debater o próximo…
Here's a short synopsis of what is being cooked by industry and "crooked" or "ill informed" government leaders across the globe. Its like a runaway train to disaster, feeding greed, power and egos.
The Internet of Things (IoT), is being marketed and sold to the public, a vision of connecting every “thing” possible to the Internet – all machines, appliances, objects, devices, animals, insects and even our brains.
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