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The ASMAA Treasure Chest, is a new experience in specialist non-profit retail, created specifically for charitable purposes, rather than being just your typical charity shop, its as its name says, a venture into a Treasure Chest. A place to be explored for these treasures you struggle to find anywhere else.

The shop can be found in the Industrial Zone of Marateca, Chinicato in Lagos.

ASMAA has now opened our superstore in Lagos specialising in high quality vintage, retro and classic items, although we will be accepting more recent items if they are of a high quality and saleable.

ASMAA opened their flagship “superstore” in Lagos on Saturday the 15th February at 10h00 after a marathon to get the shop ready for its opening day showcasing the promised “WOW” factor. Don’t take our word for it, we invite you to come and experience it for yourself. ASMAA is excited to have the opportunity to offer a varied range of very good high quality retro, vintage and classic merchandise at fair prices.

The new ASMAA shop in the Marateca industrial park, just outside Lagos off the EN125 in Chinicato, is aimed at turning outdated perceptions on their head regarding charity shopping.

What are the first things that crosses your mind when someone mentions the word Charity Shop? What do you really think?

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    Rua Dr. Alberto Iria
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