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ASMAA’s first retro & vintage “superstore” opened in Lagos

ASMAA opened their flagship “superstore” in Lagos on Saturday the 15th February at 10h00 after a marathon to get the shop ready for its opening day showcasing the promised “WOW” factor. Don’t take our word for it, we invite you to come and experience it for yourself. ASMAA is excited to have the opportunity to offer a varied range of very good high quality retro, vintage and classic merchandise at fair prices.

The ASMAA Treasure Chest is now open from Monday to Saturday, from 10h00 to 17h00 until May, and from June the store will stay open till 19h00.


Laurinda Seabra, ASMAA’s CEO and one of the creative minds behind the store shared her thoughts:


"When you think of vintage, there's this image in your head that you’ll find a really over packed place, with ton’s of stuff and knick knacks everywhere, and we can’t leave out the typical funny smell closely associated with this type of retail store". …

This type of image and connotation is what we at ASMAA wanted to completely break away from.

We wanted a store that would surprise people, we wanted to create an environment that would attract not only the vintage and retro lovers, but also would encourage those who would not normally shop retro or vintage to take the risk to purchase from our vast range of selective and unique offerings."



She went further and said: “The type of clientele we at ASMAA are hoping to attract fits more into the discerning buyer category rather than the “bargain hunter” or “reseller”.


“This amazing store was designed to be a specialist type enterprise with four distinct divisions.

  1. A “vintage boutique” with clothes ranging from late 50’s to the beginning of the 21st century;

  2. A retro, vintage and classic up-cycled furniture department;

  3. A collectors corner;

  4. And a fiction and non-fiction book department, with English, German, Dutch and Portuguese sections.


Although we have an interesting range of goods on display, many of these are part of the permanent fixtures and not available for sale, and some are even on loan from friends. In addition not all goods on offer are the result of donations, as some items are on consignment basis, and a few others were purchased by ASMAA.

Included in the offering is a "bespoke" service. “We create unique, one off pieces that are restored from their former glory using high quality materials. Using modern colours mixed with varying levels of distress we can offer a piece of furniture to suit any house/style.

All work is carried out in-house by our creative designer(s) who can guide you through the entire process.

Commissions is what we do best, making old treasures back into stylish furniture that matches your home. You tell us what you’d like us to upcycle and we can provide a unique restoration plan that suits the style you are looking for, whilst working to a set budget.

The response to opening the shop has been good and people are happy to see a small, local association selling unique things in the town. One of our clients said it best when she told us: "ASMAA's bespoke offering, it's giving me the ultimate doing good feeling while benefiting personaly as well" - it is great feeling like that.


A peep at what else is hapening in the background

Laurinda, excitedly further shared what’s developing in the background too:


“In addition, as part of our sustainable socio-economic projects, we will be launching during March an Art’s and Crafts market to be held every Saturday in the same complex of our “superstore”. This initiative is an opportunity for crafters and artists to showcase their work, and to sell their goods, while for the local population and visitors it’s an opportunity to mingle with an eclectic mixture of artistic talent.



This project has the potential to become a permanent feature in the Lagos offering of experiences.


How to find the ASMAA Superstore

The ASMAA Treasure Chest superstore is located in very close proximity to the EN125, and just outside Lagos (about 2Km) from the town centre, in the popular industrial zone of Marateca in Chinicato. It shares a complex with an array of different business and a café/restaurant, and the jewel is that it has plenty free parking readily available for our customers.

About Lagos, there’s no doubt in our minds, that it is a vibrant seaside resort that already provides numerous attractions, including its famous historical town centre, a town at the heart of the Portuguese discoveries, with many beautiful beaches, and now, we at ASMAA are proud to have opened the doors for our first vintage and up-cycle “superstore” – the ASMAA Treasure Chest in this council area.

We are grateful that our various environmental and social campaigns helped us to build a good regular and loyal support base, and we trust that the support that we have received to date during our campaigns, will also translate into support for this brand new fund-raising venture.



Here’s a few pictures from our opening day.


Img 5320


Img 5274


IMG 5277   Copy


Img 5292


Img 5294


Img 5298


Img 5308


Img 5315



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