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With municipal elections just around the corner, we believe it’s the appropriate time to take a good look at the role that civil society could play in building and strengthening democracy in Portugal.  

Aqui uma lista de sugestões que activistas podem usar ou adaptar no seu dia a dia.

Front groups are not the only way in which corporate interests can be portrayed as coinciding with a greater public interest.

When a corporation wants to oppose environmental regulations, or support an environmentally damaging development, it may do so openly and in its own name. But it is far more effective to have a group of citizens or experts -- and preferably a coalition of such groups -- which can publicly promote the outcomes desired by the corporation while claiming to represent the public interest.

Vindo da boca de um activista com muitos anos de experiência. Estas são os sentimentos e a opinião do Luis Rocha com as quais nós na ASMAA estamos totalmente de acordo.

O motivo pelo qual muitos movimentos activistas não singram deve-se na maioria das vezes ao facto que alguns dos individuos envolvidos, não estão, nunca estiveram nem vão estar focados na causa a que dizem pertencer.


Muito se tem comentado sobre os surpreendentes, iníquos contractos para exploração de petróleo e gás em Portugal, nomeadamente no Algarve, realizados mais ou menos sigilosamente, menosprezando os impactos que sempre acarretam e os  riscos de catástrofes ambientais que podem vitimar o país, nomeadamente o ambiente, a fauna e a flora e a população humana.

E nós? Vamos pescar onde?

If everyone who reads our reporting, who likes it, helps to pay for it, our future would be much more secure. O associativismo da pesca profissional está «perplexo» com a lei da ocupação do espaço marítimo. No Algarve, extensas áreas de mar serão concessionadas a privados para aquacultura. O sector promete bater o pé na reunião com a tutela, a 21 de setembro.

This past week, on Tuesday 3 January, saw our beaches in the south coast of the Algarve polluted by palm oil. It started with the appearance of a white foam substance at sea, which quickly found its way onto the beaches of Ria Formosa islands of Armona, Deserta and Fuzeta, and was later identified as being palm oil.

For the past few weeks, the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) has been holding hearings on the matter of a proposed oil-by-rail terminal that could be built in Vancouver, Washington.

Expansion of Arctic oil drilling after ratification of the Paris climate agreement is labeled a 'dangerous act of hypocrisy'

In an unprecedented move, Norway one of the countries used by Portugal as a fantastic example to justify opening our ocean to oil and gas exploration, has been taken to court by Greenpeace and Nature & Youth.

Every day of the week there is a market somewhere in the Algarve. Our markets range from traditional veg and fish markets to conventional flea markets where you can find on sale just anything under the sun. The offerings are varied and prices are fair, although at times you should bargain it down.

Os piratas contra a exploração de petróleo e gás aterraram numa praia em Aljezur no passado fim de semana. Aqui ficam as fotografias para recordação desta bela iniciativa da Paula Nunes e da cunhada dela, Filomena Carias, que é quem está na foto a segurar a Caravela.

Act 2 of the “show” put up by the DGRM and ENMC in Portimao on 14 July 2016 to “defuse” the ENI/Galp saga brought a further sense of unreality to the proceedings when the ENMC representatives dropped a piece of unknown news - changes to contracts signed with Repsol for the Lagosta and Lagostim concessions and these became the focus of attention.

In July I was challenged to review the latest Portuguese oil and gas drilling "Show". A show created to appease and provide answers to mainly local and very vocal spectators.

A month of high activity in the “Nem UM Furo” and the “Oilgarve” campaigns in the Algarve has had some expected and some unexpected positives and negative results.

The Algarve business sector is being seriously threatened by the proposed exploration of fossil fuels (Oil and Gas) both onshore as well as offshore. As you all know the Algarve survives economically out of three industries – tourism, fishing and agriculture – with tourism accounting for more than 80% of the Algarve GDP.

A new report recently released confirms that oil and gas industry is using flawed research to promote fracking.

Disclaimer: “This article is just a satire piece showing that record setting is indeed a matter of public interest – any resemblance to reality is just a figment of your imagination”

If you are an EU national living in another EU country, you have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in municipal and European Parliament elections held in that country. The conditions are the same for you as for nationals. So, if you live in Portugal you have the same rights as a Portuguese citizen.

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