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Is Scusa Sinta positioning himself to set a new “Water” Drilling Record for the Western Algarve?

Disclaimer: “This article is just a satire piece showing that record setting is indeed a matter of public interest – any resemblance to reality is just a figment of your imagination”

The water well drilling record setting

Just imagine – the Costa Vicentina, Aljezur, Rogil … that fantastic until now, unspoiled area of the Algarve is now placed to be the perfect place for world record setting. Really! Am not joking!


So who is setting a record? No other than the local and very famous entrepreneur turned oil magnate -  Mr. Scusa Sinta.


I took a trip down to Costa Vicentina and paid a visit to the area, spoke to the locals, visited well-known sites, and others not so well known … in fact … it was a trip of discovery. And some discoveries I indeed made, after chatting to the locals … and even some more! It was a fascinating trip.


My oh my, are the locals “impressed” … they couldn’t stop talking about this new site in an obscure out of the way area located between somewhere and nowhere in the Rogil area.


They dragged me kicking and screaming … this I had to see … after all they believed that a record was being set, and they wanted the world to know about it and believed that I (yes, me … blimy … ) had the means to reach out to the world at large and to share this “good fortune” to promote the best that the area has to offer. You know! My goodness … but aren’t the locals really getting impressed with Sinta’s new “water” drilling technique and the record that he intends to set in the Rogil area of Aljezur.


Now, who would have imagined that in the back of nowhere, an “alleged agricultural” new venture would require a water well drilled to the depth of 500 metres? It’s true! It’s 500 metres that this lucky chap has a licensed authorisation to do  … (somewhat below sea level … flippit … but I was impressed too)


Although, others in the area that wanted to drill some water wells to just increase their water resources for home consumption are really pissed off, because they struggle to get the necessary authorisations … but I haven’t told you that … after all, it appears to be a case of "sour grapes" rather than the “greenies” to oil (pun intended) well placed palms along the way, which it appears some well placed entrepreneurs in the area have the ability to grease.


But back to the record setting …

I’m thinking – shouldn’t we report this to the Guinness World Record as a new achievement in an area where typically water drilling for irrigation seldom exceeds 120 metres depth. Imagine – blimy – 500 metres! That is indeed a record … the locals all agree and keep on eyeing me with stars in their eyes. But the question on our minds is … is Sinta going to stop there, or is his contractor going to attempt to break its previous record set in Alcobaça where the contractor drilled a well to a depth of over 3,000 metres. (Not sure what that well was for … maybe also water?)

What do you think?

And that’s not all - Sinta wants to plant according to local rumours a new strand of sweet potato – the “fracked flaring yellow and red sweet potato” on an area covering 6.5 ha. … let’s just hope that sweet of sweetest potato does not turn into a basket of very “hot potatoes” … neh … why should it? After all he is drilling a well authorised to only 500 metres deep … that will indeed ensure that the necessary water is available to irrigate that very thirsty crop.

But guess what … on this trip, I was puzzled … by all the "white foam" covering a massive area – made me think back to the many foam parties I took part in my younger days … gosh … wonder if that is part of Sinta’s secret to set this record?  Is that his secret ingredient? Or was he just testing a new type of “OMO” to wash the future crop whiter than white? But I guess whatever it was ... it all come out in the wash …


Anyway … Sinta appears at first glance to be well positioned to really set a new World Guinness Record for water drilling … but maybe the pissed off locals that wanted to drill some new water wells may yet beat him to it …


Who knows if Sinta will indeed set the record, if his “fracked flaring yellow and red sweet potato” will germinate and grow with the water from that well … we’ll just have to wait and see.  But I’ll let you on a secret … he’ll have stiff competition from the locals! “I guess the challenge is on”!


 Author: Miss Maple


+1 # René 2016-04-06 20:45
Well - I'd say you've underestimated Mr. Sintas ambitions. To me it looks like he wants to set 3 records in one strike:
- Deepest drilled water well
- most protracted water drilling operation
- most expensive water well (after figuring out that plastic pipes are not up to his luxury standards, he decided to remove the already sunk-in ones to replace them with some solid steel ones plus some sugar icing 'round the rim)
What a man!
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