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On Monday 30th October we woke-up to the news that Galp would be disinvesting from the Algarve. The news was spread all over the press, and welcomed by many mayors in local municipalities, other associations, platforms, community groups and the general public at large – except for ASMAA.

Artigo de opinião, porque nós na ASMAA temos uma grande dificuldade em acreditar que boas notícias vem do governo ou do consórcio Galp/ENI. Porque é difícil acreditar que viraram as costas às três concessões na Bacia do Alentejo sem haver contrapartidas. Especialmente tendo em conta tudo feito nos ultimos anos, já para não falar nos últimos meses.

OPINION article about why, we at ASMAA don't really believe that Galp, ENI and the government just walked away quietly from three concession areas in the Alentejo Basin.

Apesar do facto de a ASMAA, em junho de 2016, fevereiro e dezembro de 2017, ter levado 42.295 objeções públicas à Assembleia da República Portuguesa, contra a concessão de licença de perfuração à ENI / Galp, encabeçando assim uma grande petição popular contra a referida concessão, as petrolíferas representadas pela nata das sociedades de advogados da ENI / Galp, com o total apoio do Governo Português contestaram a nossa Ação Popular desafiando a legitimidade da nossa ação jurídica, ignorando que a referida Ação Popular interposta pela ASMAA representa todas as pessoas e organizações que se opuseram oficialmente à perfuração planeada em Aljezur.

In spite of the fact that ASMAA, in June 2016, February and December 2017, represented 42,295 public objections in the Portuguese Parliament against the granting of drilling licence to ENI/Galp, a pack of big legal guns employed by ENI/Galp with the full support of the Portuguese government, is challenging the legitimacy of ASMAA’s Class Action, representing all those individuals and organisations that objected to the planned drilling in Aljezur.

A lot of ink has run in the mainstream press and other social media platforms about the alleged victory of PALP in the Loulé Administrative and Fiscal court on 13 August 2018. Let's look at the facts.

So much clouding has been thrown about the date that ENI’s drilling ship Saipem will be allowed to enter Portuguese waters, and start drilling, that we at ASMAA feel its important to clarify a few issues and to place things in context.

In the past few weeks the government disinformation machine has been moving at full throttle. Let’s take a look at what is fiction (The Spin) and what is the hidden truth.

ASMAA announced today that they are contesting in court the decision taken by the Portuguese government to allow the drilling by ENI to proceed without an environmental impact assessment.

Since we can remember, many government representatives, starting with the Prime Minister Antonio Costa to the minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, the likes of Minister of Environment, and many other less underlings continue with the same story line, that oil and gas exploration in Portugal is only “Pesquisa”, it is only "Exploration".

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