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ASMAA found out with less than 24 hours notice that Australis Oil & Gas was running an info session in Leiria on 31 October at 10h30 in the morning. We were very curious to hear what they had to say. Because as as far as we knew this was the first information and disclosure session run by Australis (officially) addressing their drilling concession areas of Batalha and Pombal.

On April 6, 2018, ASMAA filed with the Administrative and Fiscal Tribunal of Loulé (TAF) an action to request the cancellation of oil contracts in the Alentejo Basin, alleging the breach of various contractual and administrative procedures, and process illegalities.

No dia 6 abril 2018, a ASMAA interpôs no Tribunal Administrativo e Fiscal de Loulé uma ação a para pedir o cancelamento dos contratos petrolíferos no mar do Alentejo, com base em vícios dos contratos, ilegalidades e inconstitucionalidades várias.

Apesar do facto de a ASMAA, em junho de 2016, fevereiro e dezembro de 2017, ter levado 42.295 objeções públicas à Assembleia da República Portuguesa, contra a concessão de licença de perfuração à ENI / Galp, encabeçando assim uma grande petição popular contra a referida concessão, as petrolíferas representadas pela nata das sociedades de advogados da ENI / Galp, com o total apoio do Governo Português contestaram a nossa Ação Popular desafiando a legitimidade da nossa ação jurídica, ignorando que a referida Ação Popular interposta pela ASMAA representa todas as pessoas e organizações que se opuseram oficialmente à perfuração planeada em Aljezur.

In spite of the fact that ASMAA, in June 2016, February and December 2017, represented 42,295 public objections in the Portuguese Parliament against the granting of drilling licence to ENI/Galp, a pack of big legal guns employed by ENI/Galp with the full support of the Portuguese government, is challenging the legitimacy of ASMAA’s Class Action, representing all those individuals and organisations that objected to the planned drilling in Aljezur.

It’s just over a month before the ENI/GALP consortium starts drilling for oil near Aljezur, and there isn’t a glimpse of any concerted and efficient strategies nor any effective action plans being presented to the public by the Algarve municipalities through AMAL.

A pouco de mais de 1 mês do início da prospecção de petróleo ao largo de Aljezur, pelo consórcio Eni/Galp, não se vislumbra qualquer estratégia concertada e eficiente por parte de todos os Municípios Algarvios ou através da AMAL.

This is the last opportunity that we all have to put a STOP on Galp/ENI offshore drilling endeavours. And the only thing that will STOP them is a COURT ORDER. Nothing else! The time to ACT is NOW! Support us ... by donating to our legal and administrative expenses. If you want to help, get in touch with us. Thank you!

If we tried, we could not get a better plot for a movie series than to use the Portuguese oil exploration environment. I can guarantee that it would be a real box office buster and could even beat the success of the “Dallas” series.

A política pública deste Governo sobre temáticas ambientais ocorre na fronteira entre a cosmética e propaganda.

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