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Copies of contracts for the Algarve Basin Deep offshore - concessions Lagosta and Lagostim. Download do website da ENMC 22 Agosto de 2016
Concession contracts signed on 2015/09/25, with Portfuel, petróleos e gás de Portugal Lda. Data dowloaded from ENMC website on 22 August 2016
Copies of concession contracts for the Alentejo Basin Deep-Offshore: Areas "Lavagante", "Santola" e "Gamba"as per ENMC website on 22 August 2016
On the 12 January 2016 during the discloser session hosted by the ENMC at the University of the Algarve, ASMAA handed to them a document with our questions. In the section below you can read their reply which we received. Say your say in the comments section below. We would…
The contracts for the Western Coast of the Algarve have some interesting benefit structures for Portugal. But whether it will bring any real benefit to Portugal, will depend in our opinion on the ethics of the various players, legal loopholes or on how creative the oil companies accountants are. But…
If we were concerned about the contract for the Lagosta concession, for the Lagostim we are even more concerned. In this contract the fee paid per barrel is 0, 10c in the Euro, less 0, 15 c than for the Lagosta concession. We need to keep in mind that Lagostim…
We have read and re-read the contracts. We have identified the specific clauses that are of deep concern. This interpretation is a layman's interpretation and not legal opinion. The appropriate legal opinion should be obtained as soon as possible. The original copies of the contract and its addendum (in Portuguese)…
UPDATED MAY 2016 - Latest map showcasing all the latest areas for which licences have been granted and contracts signed - as well as the companies that currently hold the licences. As it is clear from the map, all of the Algarve Basin as well as the Alentejo Basin have…
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