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O Consórcio ENI/GALP terá acionado os direitos adquiridos e vai começar a fazer pesquisas no próximo ano.

From standing against various lobbies (oil, gas and deep-sea mining) as well as a government fully in support of oil and gas drilling (both on land and at sea), to supporting fire victims in the North of Portugal, this year we’ve faced many challenges. But thanks to our work together – supporters, members, activists and volunteers – we have a lot to be proud of in 2017.

O secretismo que sucessivos governos e seus parceiros têm vindo a utilizar, deixa-nos quase sem palavras.

The underhanded manner in which governments and their colluding partners act in subversive brainwashing campaigns, in an endeavour to advance their oil and gas exploration agenda in Portugal, can at times be truly disgusting.

A posição e argumentos utilizados pela Camara Municipal de Odemira contra a exploração de hidrocarbonetos e plano de trabalhos para 2018 sobre o qual deveria pronunciar-se.

A ASMAA anuncia que está a ultimar os termos de um processo judicial contra o Governo Português por violação de direitos constitucionais dos Portugueses.

ASMAA announced today that it is in process of taking legal action against the Portuguese government for breach of constitutional rights.

Rumours that Galp/ENI would be seeking to have its Drilling Works Program (Proposed Scope of Work) for 2018 submitted for comments to local municipalities started to surface on Wednesday the 8 November.

What the Frack?! Information session by ASMAA (Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association/Associação de Surf e Actividades Marítimas em Portugal) about Fracking, deep offshore oil and gas drilling and "deep offshore mining" in Portugal.


What the Frack?! Palestra de ASMAA (Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association/Associação de Surf e Actividades Marítimas em Portugal) sobre Fracking, exploração de hidrocarbonetos e "deep offshore mining" em Portugal.


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