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Campaign Aims

ASMAA launched the campaign "Oilgarve" in 2012 against the oil and gas exploration in Algarve. Initially the focus was on the proposed oil and gas exploration off the Algarve South coast - in the Algarve Basin - in the deep offshore.

In 2013, we added to the campaign the deep offshore concessions in the Alentejo Basin and brought in the "Say NO to Oil and Gas" campaign slogan, and in 2015, the onshore concessions of Aljezur and Tavira with the "Frack-off" campaign. In 2016, the campaign is integrating all previous campaigns and launched as "Nem UM Furo! ... Nem Agora, Nem no Futuro" (Not ONE Well! ... Not Now, Not in the Future.)

Since its beginning days in 2012, we have seen a rise in the number and extent of threats, which now include all the risks linked to unconventional drilling technologies, including fracking (hydraulic fracturing) across the entire operational process for both onshore and offshore.


What are the campaign aims?

To stop any offshore and onshore Oil and Gas exploration not ONLY in the Algarve but in the entire Portugal region so as to safeguard the livelihoods and investments of all local residents, visitors, tourists, eco-social responsibility driven investors as well as our ecosystems.



  1. Because the terms of all the current “Oil and Gas Giveaway Contracts”, results in Portugal giving away all of our oil and/or gas directly to the oil and gas companies involved - while the Portuguese government retains a 0% share of allocated licences; no security of energy supply for Portugal - Portugal will still have to purchase its energy at market prices; limited tax on profits - ridiculous royalty payments - the oil and gas companies only have to start paying a nominal percentage of profits after all the costs of exploration and operations has been recovered, including these incurred prior to contracts being signed; no real job creation programs for local communities - but putting at risk thousands of jobs in the process; our eco-systems will face unprecedented environmental risks which are well documented internationally - we will be lumped with all the environmental risks and its rehabilitation costs - not to mention the socio-economic costs that comes with them.
  2. We do not believe that any exploitation of hydrocarbons (gas or oil) will be done in a safe way, or that local communities in Portugal (and our marine and coastal ecosystems) will not be exposed to unnecessary health, safety and environmental risks.
  3. There are NO guarantees that in the eventuality of a negative impact in the tourism, fishing or other current industries in Portugal - that the affected communities will be appropriately compensated by the oil and gas companies responsible for losses resulting from oil or gas exploration and its exploitation activities.

 Note: Updated January 2016.


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