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This research discovers that G20 country governments’ support to fossil fuel production marries bad economics with potentially disastrous consequences for climate change.

Fractured Earth: The Pennsylvania towns polluted and poisoned by Shale Gas extraction. Published on 26 May 2015.

After ASMAA was invited to attend a public debate and open discussion in Sagres that was open to questions from the public, the Portuguese secretary of state for tourism and other dignatories from government decided to leave before questions from the public could be posed. We at ASMAA intervened ... here's the record of what happened on 17 April 2014.

In this video Laurinda Seabra da ASMAA speaks about oil and gas contracts in general terms. You can also download the presentation from Slideshare that goes with this video.

As apresentações da ASMAA em PowerPoint estão destinados a todas as pessoas que podem não estar familiarizados com a exploração de petróleo e gás prevista para acontecer no Algarve a partir de 2016.

A Avaliação de Impacte Ambiental (AIA) vai ser obrigatória em todas as fases de desenvolvimento de projectos de gás de xisto, decidiu o Conselho de Ministros.

A Ministra da Agricultura está muito preocupada com as sardinhas, por esse motivo acabou com o pouco que restava da actividade piscatória do Algarve, ... acabando com uma grande parte das cotas este ano e o restante no próximo ...

Respostas as perguntas recebidas geralmente. Estas respostas nao sao exaustivas.

ASMAA is one of the few truly independent associations in Portugal. We fight to protect the oceans, coastal zones and beaches against many risks and to preserve our natural ecosystems for future generations. But that is not all that we do, we also fight to protect the livelihoods of local residents and of local businesses across the country.

ASMAA launched the campaign "Oilgarve" in 2012 against the oil and gas exploration in Algarve. Initially the focus was on the proposed oil and gas exploration off the Algarve South coast - in the Algarve Basin - in the deep offshore.

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