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Friends in the Fight Against Oil and Gas in Portugal

Here you can see some of the collaboration partners and friends that collaborates and/or assists ASMAA in the fight against the proposed oil and gas exploration in Algarve, including the planed fracking.

International Civic Organisations and Citizen Groups

  1. Canarias Contra las Prospecciones -  Facebook page - civilians fighting Repsol. Repsol has withdraw their exploration plans.
  2. Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance - Facebook page - The Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance is working for the preservation of the Adriatic Sea. Opposed to oil AND gas drilling in the Adriatic! Twitter
  3. Surfrider Europe -visit their website. Surfrider Foundation is a worldwide not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves and the coastline. Founded in 1990 by a handful of local surfers it gathers today over 9,000 members in Europe and is represented in 14 countries through its chapters of volunteers.
  4. Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland - Link for their Facebook page
  5. Clean Ocean Project - (Canaries) - visit their website - Raise awareness and find cool ways to improve our attitude towards the ocean and beach environment.
  6. Eivissa Anti Petrolifera - visit and join their Facebook page - No a las petroleras, si al futuro con renovables, si a la vida
  7. Save Canarias - Facebook page link
  8. Frack Free World - Link to their site
  9. Frack-off UK -Link to their site - a good source of information about fracking
  10. Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Fracking (PPT) -Click here to go to their site
  11. BeASoneFoundation - Click here to go to their site, and here to join their Facebook official page
  12. Women For Whales - Click here to go to their website, and here to join their Facebook official page
  13. Ocean Care - Click here to go to their website, and here to join their Facebook official page
  14. Silent Oceans Coalition - 14 NGO's - 14 Voices - Alianza Mar Blava, Animal Welfare Institute, MEER e.V., Morigenos–Slovenian Marine Mammal Society, NRDC, OceanCare, Ocean Conservation Research, Ocean Mammal Institute, Oceanomare Delphis Onlus, Pro Wildlife e.V., Salvia Team, Vivamar Society for the Sustainable Development for the Sea Wild Migration, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Wildmigration Network



 Portuguese National Civic Organisations and Citizen Groups


  1. Lagos em Transicao - Transition Lagos - Link to their Facebook page
  2. Tavira em Transicao - Transition Tavira - Link to their Faceboo page
  3. Lagoa em Transicao - Transition Lagoa - Link for their Facebook page
  4. Algarve em Transicao - Transition Algarve - Link to their Facebook page
  5. São Brás Em Transição: Link to their Facebook page
  6. Movimento Anti-TTIP em Portugal - Click here to go to their Facebook page
  7. Preservar Aljezurhttps://www.facebook.com/preservaralgarve/ - a group of concerned citizens from Aljezur.
  8. Associaçao Ambiental "A Nossa Terra" - https://www.facebook.com/anossaterra/timeline
  9. Plataforma Não ao Tratado Transatlântico: Facebook page, website 


 Citizen Media in Portugal

  1. Algarve Daily News - Click here to find the latest real news about what is happening in the Algarve
  2. Jornal MAPA - Click here for news in Portuguese - one of the few truly independent portuguese news sources in Portugal
  3. GAS Natural NAO! - Click here to go to their site. A blog with lots of very valid information about what is happening about fracking, oil and gas exploration. Lots of info in English and Portuguese.
  4. Portugal and Algarve Resident - Click here to find news about what is happening across Portugal. They have a special edition focusing on the Algarve.
  5. Associação  MIN-ARIFA - An association of Citizen journalists - Click here to join them on their Facebook page





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