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Is it at all possible that ENI/Galp could still drill in the deep offshore off Aljezur’s coast in spite of all denials by government? Is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

The CEO of GALP announced on 31 July 2017 during a press conference that it was Galp’s intention to drill in 2018 between April and June.

The Portuguese mainstream press on 4 August 2017 went into "override" when it announced that Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa signed into law a proposal submitted by the PS and approved in Parliament on 11 May this year. According to the press this was the best thing since sliced bread was discovered.

There appears to be a bit of confusion surrounding information regarding the urgent applications brought forward to stop the Galp/ENI consortium drilling of the coast of Aljezur.

At ASMAA we are so excited and feel truly blessed for being invited by Tamera to collaborate in the event scheduled for Saturday 12 August in Odeceixe.

Be part of an aerial art action on the beach to protect our coast from oil drilling and our land from eucalyptus monocultures that fuel deadly forest fires.

Participe na acção de arte aérea, na praia de Odeceixe, em nome da proteção da Costa Portuguesa face à ameaça de prospeção e exploração de petróleo e gás, e em nome do fim das monoculturas de eucaliptos que alimentam os fogos florestais.

What the Frack?! Information session by ASMAA (Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association/Associação de Surf e Actividades Marítimas em Portugal) about Fracking, deep offshore oil and gas drilling and "deep offshore mining" in Portugal.


What the Frack?! Palestra de ASMAA (Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association/Associação de Surf e Actividades Marítimas em Portugal) sobre Fracking, exploração de hidrocarbonetos e "deep offshore mining" em Portugal.


A senhora Ministra do Mar, Ana Paula Vitorino, já se deu ao trabalho de responder à petição da ASMAA que em devido tempo objectou contra a concessão de uma licença garantida TUPEM ao consórcio Galp / ENI para perfurar no Aljezur no exterior.

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