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Getting started by collecting petition signatures in your own community is an easy and important way to begin building a coalition of supporters. These signatures that you collect will demonstrate our collective power to decision makers and will help you identify supporters who might want to get more involved in…
Taking a “Selfie” is an easy way to let the Portuguese leaders responsible for this attack on our sustainability and on our environment, know how you feel about the upcoming oil and gas exploration, including Fracking in the many offshore and onshore regions across Portugal … and especially on what…
Algarve Resident, 27-Sep-2013 A petition to prevent fuel companies Repsol and Partex from starting deep-sea oil and gas drilling in the Algarve in early 2014 has been launched by Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association. The association claims that the first exploration will take place at only eight kilometres from…
Natasha Donn, 29 Nov 2012, Algarve 123 Have you ever stopped to wonder where the “harmful toxins” that affected bivalves in Ria Formosa over the summer may have come from? “The presence of toxins” led to a ban on shellfishing in the area for weeks. Scores of fishermen and their…
By Brendan de Beer, Portugal News · 22-10-2011 The cash-strapped government is expected to have completed the signing of a contract with two major international energy companies before the weekend is over allowing them to search for oil and gas reserves off the Algarve coast. Those in favour of the…
Investors being persuaded to take their money out of fossil fuel sector, according to University of Oxford study By: Damian Carrington, The Guardian, Tuesday 8 October 2013 A campaign to persuade investors to take their money out of the fossil fuel sector is growing faster than any previous divestment campaign…
There are many ways that you can get involved in the campaign. Here are three things that YOU can do TODAY to get you started:
ASMAA launched the campaign "Oilgarve" in 2012 against the oil and gas exploration in Algarve. Initially the focus was on the proposed oil and gas exploration off the Algarve South coast - in the Algarve Basin - in the deep offshore.
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