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Example of an objection by a surfer to offshore oil & gas exploration drilling

Here's an example of an objection letter to offshore drilling applications by oil and gas companies that can be submited to DGRM as part of a public consultation phase by surfers, wind-surders or SUP lovers. (Galp/ENI or Repsol/Partex)





<your name>


Diretor Geral
Direção-Geral de Recursos Naturais, Segurança e Serviços Maritimos (DGRM)
Av. Da Brasilia

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Tel: 213 025 193 (dgrm)




My name is <.................................,>, I am a Portuguese <or other nationality>  surfer. My physical address is …..................., and my ID or NIF number or passport number is <…......... > . I am representing my family and myself.

I am objecting to the proposed exploratory drilling by ENI. This objection is in reply to your Public Consultation notice 005/2015 of 25 May 2016, and relates to an application for an offshore drilling license made to you by ENI to drill an exploratory well at 46,5Km from the Aljezur coastline.

The threats to marine mammals, sea turtles, fish populations, archeological resources, reduction of recreational fishing areas, and endangerment to our beaches out weigh any potential short-term benefits gained by the ENI/Galp activities.

The Algarve coast supports an annual €6 billion tourism and travel industry with an estimated 70,000 jobs, and estimated annual €20 million commercial and recreational fisheries industry with approximately 5,000 jobs.  

I do not believe that this proposed exploration will not negatively affect the livelihoods of people employed in the tourism, travel, and agriculture or fishing industries. In fact, I am of the opinion that the proposed offshore drilling activity will in fact greatly reduce the number of current jobs supported by these industries and that the oil and gas industry will not replace them, thus threatening to throw many into below poverty lines.

You have to keep in mind, that in the Algarve we rely on clean and healthy offshore and near shore environments. It is our business and our way of life.

As a surfer there is a magical moment that happens on the oceans surf zones when you look over in the surf line up and you find yourself catching waves with dolphins, the worlds greatest surfers. They are out there just like us for pure enjoyment of the oceans waves. Once you have this moment happen and you feel this connection you are changed forever, and you know you must protect your fellow surfers.

Our ocean is one of the greatest treasures that our children hold us responsible for protecting for future generations, and we along with millions of other Portuguese and international surfers that visits our coastline are willing to do what it takes to protect this gift.

As a result, I urge the DGRM to reject the application by ENI to drill for oil and gas dr drilling exploration wells, and to focus instead on granting licenses for offshore renewable energy projects.

It's the best policy for our environment and our future generations.

Let Portugal be a leader in alternative energy, and let your office lead by example, by rejecting the ENI / Galp application.



<your name>


You can also sign the online petitions. If you have a Portuguese ID or Fiscal Number - sign this online petition: click here

If you don't have a Portuguese fiscal number then you can sign this petition on Change - org by clicking here


Note: copy us when you send via email - use - email:  info @ asmaa - algarve . org  (no spaces)

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