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Couch Activism: Use a Protest Selfie as a form of petitioning.

Taking a “Selfie” is an easy way to let the Portuguese leaders responsible for this attack on our sustainability and on our environment, know how you feel about the upcoming oil and gas exploration, including Fracking in the many offshore and onshore regions across Portugal … and especially on what they are planning for the Algarve.

There’s no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words.


A “Selfie” is also a great way for you to ask a question from them. You can write your own question, or you can just use one of the Selfie Posters that we’ve created for you.  Once you have your “Selfie” photo share it with us on our Facebook official page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/asmaaalgarve/


When you share please use the following ashtags (you can just copy and paste it)

#rasgaocontrato, #NemUMFuro #NemUMFuronoAlgarve #AlgarveLivredePetroleo #AlgarveDizNAO #AlgarveSaysNOtoOil #NoFracking #FrackOFF #Fracking #ASMAA_Algarve #ASMAAalgarve


Here's some Selfie Posters that We've Created for you. Just download it, print it, use it to take your picture, upload your picture to our Facebook page ... and share it on social media.
















 Download files below in Jpeg Format


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