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Vídeo sobre a posição da Quercus quanto à possibilidade de vir a ser explorado gás natural e petróleo no Algarve

Published on 1 Sep 2014. In the Canaries ... activists STOPPED Repsol ... in the Algarve we can if we unite.
Published on 12 Jun 2013. Texas Oil company Anadarko has been awarded permits to drill in blocks here in New Zealand, and will be in the Deepest, Coldest, Roughest waters to be drilled, previously they were "too high risk". Watch the video & find out why we need to act on this now, and stop it before it starts ! The Algarve basin and the Alentejo basins risks are no different. Same risks applies to the north of Portugal.
Published on 24 Oct 2013. A Falacia do Pré Sal e sua contribuição para a Educação e Saúde dos Brasileiros.
Published on 25 May 2014. No final de novembro de 2013, a Agência Nacional do Petróleo realizou um leilão para a exploração econômica de gás de xisto. Mas, segundo especialistas, a atividade oferece sérios riscos de contaminação.
Uploaded on 17 Aug 2011. The Hydraulic Fracking of the South African Karoo is a serious serious topic. This is my little piece to help raise awareness and prevent this disaster from happening. Please go find a group and a cause and sign the partition to save the KAROO.
Published on 6 Jul 2015. With the help of the Bertha Foundation, the Unearthed team embarked on an extensive, solar-powered roadshow through the Karoo - where fracking is being proposed - taking the film to those who need it the most.
Uploaded on 15 Aug 2011. Loaded with information, the video presents the current situation around natural gas development in South Africa - as investigated by the independent and objective feature documentary.
Published on 4 May 2012. It's time to look behind the glitzy commercials and PR campaigns.

26 Jan 2015 - "The Fracking song" by Giles Newman Turner. Brilliant lirics.

Published on 19 Nov 2013. A Europa está a olhar ao mesmo tempo com interesse e desconfiança para a revolução energética...

Song by Mike Stout & Human Union Band

Fracking for oil and gas seems to be the in thing :-)

If we don't all raise a ruckus, who is going to stand up for our rights? These oil drilling frackers stand to make a lot of money gambling with our quality of life. LYRICS below.

"My Water's On Fire Tonight" is a product of Studio 20 NYU (http://bit.ly/hzGRYP) in collaboration with www.ProPublica.org.

Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Artists Against Fracking Present: "Don't Frack My Mother"

Thom Chacon wrote this song for the families who have been adversely affected by hydraulic fracturing.

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