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ASMAA opens its Charity and Up-Cycling Warehouse

We are very excited. Since last year that we have been planning on opening a charity shop and an up-cycling hub in Lagos. As of this week, we have now secured a very functional warehouse in Barão de São João.

 Currently we are using the space to hold items that we will be sending up to assist the victims of the fires in the Pedrogão area, some of the items we are starting to collect ourselves for both the shop and the upcycling section, and as a holding area for items for families in need in Lagos run by the fantastic team from the Local Soup Kitchen, with whom we will be sharing the space.



 (a tired colleague taking a break after all the cleaning, boxes for Pedrogão, and the warehouse is taking shape, slowly, but surely)

The intention is to sell whatever items we can directly from the warehouse so as to raise the funds needed to cover the warehouse running costs, and hopefully have some left over that we can apply into our projects and campaigns. In time, it is our intention to get a shop in the Lagos area. But until we have the necessary funds, we will only use the warehouse.


All we have currently is an empty space, meaning that we are going to need help and funds to have the necessary fixtures and fittings by our planned opening day of 1 September – or if you have any of the things we will need for the warehouse, we would appreciate if you could donate it or make-it available to us at a reasonable price.


We ask that if you have any items of clothing, furniture, linen, kitchenware, cutlery, books … in fact, anything that you no longer have a use for that you will pass it over to us. You can drop your donations in Lagos or in Barão de São João. Bigger items can be collected.


To read about our initial idea (2016) click here.

If you can help or want more information please contact us on 969 320 231, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via our Facebook group page.

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