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ASMAA is one of the few truly independent associations in the Algarve if not in Portugal. We fight to protect the oceans, coastal zones and beaches against many risks and to preserve our natural ecosystems for future generations. But that is not all that we do, we also fight to protect the Algarve tourism sector, the livelihoods of local residents and of local businesses.

When we started ASMAA in 2012, it was not our intention to have to ask for money from our supporters and friends for our campaigns - We wanted all of you involved in the action, not just writing checks. But the fact is that we cannot run any of our campaigns without funds and without the neccessary human support.

Because of our drive to remain independent we do not accept funds from big corporations, foundations or governments, as we do not want to be faced with funding withdraw threats or find ourselves is a position of conflict with major donors. At the same time, we are a small organisation (A David fighting Goliah), running various major anti-oil and gas campaigns - onshore and offshore across the Algarve and parts of Alentejo - against government departments, as well as big oil and gas companies with very deep pockets.

 As the campaign enters a new phase, our costs have escalated heavily, and to carry-on this campaign properly we need to raise quite a bit of money. Although we have some unpaid volunteers doing a lot of the day-to-day work, we still have costs that need to be covered. So be generous and help us ... let's fight to protect the environment for all future generations.


We counting on you!

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Option 1

The simplest form is to make your donation online using your Paypal account, or your credit or debt card. We are thankfull for whatever amount you donate, be it 25€, 50€, 100€, 250€, 500€ ... or any other amount that you feel is justified and you can afford to part with.



 REF: Say NO to Oil


Option 2

Alternativly you can donate directly into our bank account by bank transfer. We are thankfull for whatever amount you donate, be it 25€, 50€, 100€, 250€, 500€ ... or any other amount that you feel is justified and you can afford to part with.


Conta: ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
IBAN: PT50 0018 0008 02686698020 51

REF: Say NO to Oil


How do we apply your donation?


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Typical Campaigning Costs

The campaign to keep the Algarve a healthy and happy place for all of us to live is reliant on all of us! We do it because we care.  Here are the sort of awareness raising activities that your donation could help to pay for:

  1. Posters, information leaflets, flyering
  2. Roll-up banners, and display banners
  3. Organising public meetings
  4. Funding of merchandise (in order to raise funds!)
  5. Supporting campaigners on the front line with food, phone bills, legal support etc
  6. Getting information stands in community events, markets, etc
  7. Helping volunteers with travel expenses
  8. Legal and advisory fees
  9. Run Facebook and Change-org marketing campaigns
  10. Carry the travel and communications costs of the campaign
  11. Build a legal fund to take the matter to the European Court of Justice and to the Portuguese Supreme Court next year.
  12. Maintaining our website with up-to-date information, maintenance, etc.


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