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Fire safety tip: Gas Bottles after a fire

This information aims to assist property owners with post-impact advice related to Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders that have been damaged or potentially damaged by fire.


What type of gas cylinders does this advice relate to?

This advice is for LPG cylinders used for domestic or small business gas supply. The types of cylinders come in different weight sizes:
- 5kg, 9kg, 13kg cylinders (primarily used for home, camping and outdoor heating)
- 45kg, 90kg or 210kg cylinders (home or small business supply)

What should I do when I return to my property?

Turn off all supply valves and appliances. Ensure it is safe to do so.

- Do not attempt to start any LPG appliance, or turn supply back on, until the bottle and installation parts is checked by a gasfitter.
- If cylinders have fallen or are upturned, do not attempt to move them, and contact your gas supplier.
- If you can hear or smell LPG: Turn cylinders off (if safe to do so); Call your gas supplier or a licensed gasfitter; Stay well clear of the cylinders and keep any sources of ignition away.

How can I tell if my gas bottle is damaged?

Damage to the gas bottle and associated installation items can be caused directly from fire attack, falling objects or indirectly from the fires radiant heat. Even if the cylinder and installation appear undamaged there may still be damage that can contribute to unsafe operation or cause leaks.

Inspect the cylinder closely after making it safe.

If a cylinder is exposed to a fire, it is likely showing signs of soot deposit or paint burning. This may indicate that the steel may also be damaged. The cylinder will need to be removed from service. Any damage to the cylinder, such a dents and gouges, will affect the cylinder’s integrity.

Remember, if the cylinder has fallen over or upturned it may be damaged - do not attempt to move it. Contact your supplier or a gasfitter if you are concerned.

What if the gas bottle does not look fire damaged?

Even if LPG vessels appear to be undamaged, there may be damage to components that is not obvious but can affect safe operation or cause leaks. If in doubt call your gas supplier.

What do I do with damaged gas cylinders?

Damaged gas cylinders, provided by a gas supplier, should be replaced by the supplier.

Where do I find a gas fitter to check my gas installation?

If your cylinders come from a gas provider contact them for further advice.







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