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The Year in Review - 2013

ASMAA is now one year old!

Over the past year we faced many challenges as a new association in the Algarve, but in spite of all the challenges we successfully defended the Lagos business sector in the first three months of operation; we launched the campaign against the proposed exploration of oil and gas in the Algarve offshore and have now over 22000 signatures on our petitions (online and on paper); we successfully campaigned for change of previous licensing process and licence allocation for surf schools as well as addressed many day-to-day issues for some of our paying members.

With the assistance of Empowerment Gateway South Africa, we followed a strategy to gain maximum brand awareness in the shortest time possible, while concurrently targeting the enrolment of non-paying members. We succeeded in gaining extensive visibility, and today ASMAA has over 8000 non-paying members.

But we traded income for a solid positioning and visibility. As we move into our second year, we will have to face reality and focus on increasing our sources of income.

ASMAA’s executive team realised that ASMAA was facing a serious crisis as the year-end approached.

This crisis facing the association did not arise because the executive team failed in their duties, or refused to take difficult decisions. The real problem was that the Board failed to rein in directors whose ambitions were the antithesis of the prudent concern for long term sustainability which should be at the core of true cooperation.

As we move forward, ASMAA will embrace the spirit of social entrepreneurship, collaborative processes and alliances within multi-stakeholder frameworks.

We must work to ensure that our colleagues are committed to our common cause both because their terms and conditions are as good as the association can afford and because they engage with strong ethics and practices.

It’s been a tough year but the facts speak for themselves – we have managed to position ASMAA as a force for the future.


Laurinda Seabra

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