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In the last few years and in many circumstances, the only time we can guarantee that there is no disinformation - not to call it lies – coming out of the mouths of politicians, is when they keep their mouths shut. It looks like that once again we are confronted with another blatant example of why politicians have no credibility left.

Atualmente, e em muitas circunstâncias, só podemos garantir que não existe desinformação (para não lhe chamar mentira) quando os políticos mantêm as bocas fechadas, porque se as abrem ou entra moscas ou sai asneira.

The Algarve’s leading anti-oil and gas campaigning organisation, ASMAA, this morning presented a detailed legal action at the Attorney General's Office requesting an immediate halt to offshore oil and gas drilling in the Alentejo basin and for the immediate cancellation of the Galp-ENI licence for the Santola exploration block off Aljezur.


In another heroic bid to ensure public opinion is taken on board, ASMAA - the campaigning Algarve civic group fighting plans to turn the coastline into a drilling field - today lodged a 126-page legal bid at the Attorney General’s office, demanding an immediate block on any activity in the Alentejo basin.

Entrámos na primeira semana de 2019 com muito, mas mesmo muito trabalho em frente. Estamos já a preparar-nos para o nosso primeiro dia no tribunal de Loulé, porque fomos notificados pelo tribunal que uma audiência prévia está agendada para dia 11/02/2019, às 14:00 horas.

On 21 December 2018, the Portuguese parliament voted on proposals submitted by three political parties – The Bloco de Esquerda (Left Block), PAN and the Greens. It is interesting to note that only the proposal by the Greens (PEV) was approved, with the other two rejected. Let’s now look at what was proposed in more detail.

We start 2019 preparing for our first day in the Loulé court, which is scheduled for the 11th of February at 14h00 when a preliminary hearing will take place.

Agora que tanto a Australis como o governo concordaram que, de fato, um Estudo de Impacto Ambiental é necessário para os dois poços de exploração que a Australis planeja perfurar no início de 2019 em Aljubarrota e em Bajouca, foi feito novamente uma consulta pública. Neste momento a Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente está a convidar comentários sobre os propostos estudos de impacto ambiental.

On Monday 30th October we woke-up to the news that Galp would be disinvesting from the Algarve. The news was spread all over the press, and welcomed by many mayors in local municipalities, other associations, platforms, community groups and the general public at large – except for ASMAA.

12 Junho de 2013. Ferreira de Oliveira quer ser «prudente» e lembra que taxas de sucesso mundiais rondam apenas os 20%. O presidente da Galp disse esta quarta-feira que a petrolífera tem «expectativas» de vir a extrair gás na zona de Alcobaça, numa concessão de gás natural («Aljubarrota-3») de que se tornou agora operador.

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