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Since 2H00am on 21 January that ASMAA’s websites have been under constant attack by some very nasty and bent on destruction hackers, determined to break them.

Relatório de todas as votações na Assembleia da Republica sobre a exploração de petróleo que decorreu quinta feira dia 11 de maio.

On Monday 23 May 2016, at 22h00 RTP1 run a live public debate about the controversy that the proposed oil and gas exploration has raised in the Algarve, with first exploration wells due to be drilled in October by the consortium Repsol/Partex (Gulbenkian Foundation) and at a date to be defined by the consortium Galp/ENI.

Paulo Carmona, Presidente da Entidade Nacional para o Mercado dos Combustíveis (ENMC) diz que há motivos para rescindir os contratos com Sousa Cintra. (Pode ouvir Paulo Carmona no Video da Audição no fim deste artigo)

A exploração de hidrocarbonetos no Algarve é um tema que faz escorrer rios de tinta. Tanto a exploração em terra (onshore) quanto a exploração no mar (offshore), têm vindo a ser contestadas pelas populações do Algarve, nelas incluindo os autarcas, os empresários e as várias associações ambientalistas que se debatem para travar os contratos de exploração deste recurso.

ASMAA has announced today that they are actively accessing the legal options open to them to bring this matter to the attention of the courts, because it is clear that all actions to date by authorities and government representatives have not resulted in any substantive or effective conclusion, nor addressed the risks nor fears of the local population.

ASMAA announced today that they are embarking on a major fundraiser to ensure that petition forms supported by information flyers land on every single home in the Algarve.

On 21 and 22 April the local population was faced with another very worrying sight in the Perdigão area of Aljezur, in the site where the activity of where the alleged “water drilling” activity is taking place.

Disclaimer: “This article is just a satire piece showing that record setting is indeed a matter of public interest – any resemblance to reality is just a figment of your imagination”

On the 1 December 2015, it was brought to our attention by local residents that a drilling site had been established in an area outside Rogil in the Aljezur council area. According to some local residents operation had started on 15 November 2015.

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