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Technologia de fracking stimulação que possivelmente vai ser usada em Portugal? Most probable! Se a população deixar !!!!!

Apesar do facto de a ASMAA, em junho de 2016, fevereiro e dezembro de 2017, ter levado 42.295 objeções públicas à Assembleia da República Portuguesa, contra a concessão de licença de perfuração à ENI / Galp, encabeçando assim uma grande petição popular contra a referida concessão, as petrolíferas representadas pela nata das sociedades de advogados da ENI / Galp, com o total apoio do Governo Português contestaram a nossa Ação Popular desafiando a legitimidade da nossa ação jurídica, ignorando que a referida Ação Popular interposta pela ASMAA representa todas as pessoas e organizações que se opuseram oficialmente à perfuração planeada em Aljezur.

In spite of the fact that ASMAA, in June 2016, February and December 2017, represented 42,295 public objections in the Portuguese Parliament against the granting of drilling licence to ENI/Galp, a pack of big legal guns employed by ENI/Galp with the full support of the Portuguese government, is challenging the legitimacy of ASMAA’s Class Action, representing all those individuals and organisations that objected to the planned drilling in Aljezur.

As a response to the proliferating evidence of the risks and harms of fracking—augmented by increasing concern about the many remaining uncertainties—various countries, states, and municipalities have instituted bans and moratoria.

'I had to leave' - Former state seismologist testifies that officials coerced him to alter research on induced quakes! This article are extracts from court document which you will find in the attachment section below.

Groningen has been one of Europe’s richest gas fields for 30 years, and thousands of people say their homes have been damaged by the tremors that drilling sets off. Now a class action may finally bring them compensation – and force a rethink of European energy security.

The Netherlands’ Government tells 200 companies they have four years to stop sourcing gas from Groningen field after increasingly significant earthquakes.

Scientists fear that even before one of the last frontiers of exploration, the ocean deep, has been properly studied it will already have been exploited by commercial deep-sea mining looking for rare metal and minerals on the ocean floor, leaving its unique ecosystems badly damaged.

If you are an EU national living in another EU country, you have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in municipal and European Parliament elections held in that country. The conditions are the same for you as for nationals. So, if you live in Portugal you have the same rights as a Portuguese citizen.

Setting out to fight against offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration or against fracking in your area may seem daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are with you all the way. In addition you will find out that there are other people living near you who are as concerned as you are about this threat.

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