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ASMAA highlights of 2017

ASMAA highlights of 2017 Photo credit: Beachcam.meo.pt

From standing against various lobbies (oil, gas and deep-sea mining) as well as a government fully in support of oil and gas drilling (both on land and at sea), to supporting fire victims in the North of Portugal, this year we’ve faced many challenges. But thanks to our work together – supporters, members, activists and volunteers – we have a lot to be proud of in 2017.

Here are some highlights from our actions for a more just and caring world over the last 12 months. I hope they show just how much we appreciate your continued support for ASMAA. They’re proof that by working together, we can gain ground against the threats to our socio-economic sustainability while at the same time looking after our environment. And long may it continue.


Highlights of 2017

In January 2017 - we distributed 50,000 flyers across the Algarve informing people about current situation in the oil fight. During January we also participated in various info sessions in Algarve and Alentejo bringing information to more than 400 people that attended these sessions. The fracking contracts with Portfuel (Aljezur & Tavira) (Sousa Cintra) where given the green light for cancellation by the PGR and where dully cancelled.

In February 2017 – Our representatives where in Lisbon at the Portuguese Parliament where they presented very valid arguments for the cancellation of the Galp/ENI TUPEM Licence during the audition of our petition, while outside more than 500 people demonstrated their anti-drilling stance. ASMAA submitted a complaint to the PGR (Attorney General) and TC (Auditor General) regarding our findings about the award of the TUPEM Licence to Galp/ENI

In March 2017 – We met with Minister of the Sea in Lisbon, and the 4 contracts in Algarve held by the Repsol/Partex consortium were cancelled.

In April 2017 – We organised a Climate March in Aljezur and participated in the Lagos festival.

In  May 2017 - The Galp/ENI drilling off the coast of Aljezur/Alentejo was put on hold by the court injunction brought by Odemira’s council.

In June 2017 – ASMAA continued with various sessions across the Algarve about the oil-drilling saga, and we set-up a program for support to fire victims in Pedrogão (North of Portugal). 30m3 of donated goods was delivered in the north to fire victims.

In July 2017 – ASMAA organised various sessions across the Algarve.

In August 2017 – In collaboration with Tamera, and Standing Rock from USA, ASMAA was one of the organisers of an event in Odeceixe attended by more than 1000 people. Event was filmed and thousands across the world viewed the film.

In September 2017 – ASMAA run oil and gas risk awareness campaign linked to local municipal elections.

In October 2017 – ASMAA mobilised massive support across the Algarve for fire victims and we delivered more than 20m3 of donated goods to Oliveira do Hospital and surrounding areas. Parallel to that we continued with the anti-oil drilling campaign.

In November 2017 – ASMAA investigated and disclosed the oil and gas drilling risks in the North in the concession areas of Pombal and Batalha held by the Australian company Australis. Fracking risks and information that Australis plans to drill in 2018. We delivered more than 100m3 of donated goods to Oliveira do Hospital and surrounding areas.

In December 2017 – ASMAA petition objecting to the granting of the TUPEM licence to Galp/ENI was finally debated in the Portuguese Parliament – 18 months after submission. The outcome of that session was the confirmation that the PS/PSD/CDS and PCP are totally pro oil drilling in Portugal, both offshore as well as onshore. 62 Christmas boxes were delivered to fire victims in the north of Portugal.


End result for 2017



Environment: 6 oil-drilling contracts in Algarve cancelled (2 with Portfuel and 4 with Repsol/Partex) and the GALP/ENI drilling was provisionally suspended in 2017.

Social: Over 150m3 of donated goods was cleaned where needed, sorted , categorized, repacked and delivered to fire victims in the north.

Economic: we received 29,483.69€ in money donations during the year, received 1,631.50€ in other funds (total income for the year was 31, 379.94€), as well as mountains of donated goods, and the support of volunteers that gave us thousands of hours of their time for free.



Thank you to all that made it possible.





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