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ASMAA launches on 1 September “On the election trail” campaign

With a nominal budget of 9,000€ (530€ per council region), ASMAA is launching its “I am a Blue Rebel” campaign covering the 16 councils Algarve as well as Odemira in the Alentejo. This campaign budget is a drop in the ocean when measured against a global political election campaign budget of 1.4Million Euros just in the Algarve.


The PS has the biggest overall budget (E.g. PS Tavira: 73, 618€, PS Loulé: 82,522,) followed by the PSD/CDS/PPM coalition  (E.g. Faro: 53,193)


Our first step is to email each and every candidate, not only candidates to the position of mayors (presidentes de camâras) but also all candidates to parish (freguesias) as well, a questionnaire covering the issues that are close to us, relating to:

  1. their position on onshore and offshore drilling
  2. their position on deep-sea mining
  3. their position on the “Blue Economy”
  4. their position on a move to alternative energies
  5. their position on forestry management and elimination of eucalyptus
  6. their position on ocean protection
  7. their position on unabated concrete building of our costal zones and about projects that await authorization for construction in protected areas
  8. their position on the A22 tolls and the latest traffic management strategy of the EN125 (continuous white lines and barrier posts)
  9. their position on the CETA agreement between EU and Canada, and Portugal's input
  10. their position on protected areas now at risk of development under a so called "sustainable development" program (which "sustainability" has nothing to benefit local communities but appears to benefit big corporations and these on its drect or indirect payroll)


This will be followed by flyers (in Portuguese and English) that will act as guides for potential voters - giving them in their hands a handy list of questions to ask the candidates when they come knocking on their doors. The flyers will be initially posted on various social media platforms, distributed via e-mail, as well as a printed version scheduled to be distributed door-to-door across the Algarve from the 15 to the 28 September.

We will also be publishing weekly updates in Portuguese and English on replies received from the various candidates that responded to our questionnaire. This will be done so that voters will be able to make informed decisions on whom to vote for and not be taken just by the “glorious” pink-rose and typical campaigning rhetoric.


We will also be launching on the 1st of September a weekly set of campaign message pictures on Facebook and Twitter directed to all the candidates – urging them to take accountability and act responsibly in ensuring that their campaign promises once elected are fulfilled.


The “I am a Blue Rebel” campaign will be using our "signature" of red and green cards to display our interpretation of responses or lack thereof. Candidates will also be invited to sign not only a letter of “future "possible" commitment” but also a “social contract” that will be fully substantiated as to why they are pro or anti any of the areas of concern raised.


This in our opinion will greatly assist voters in making-up their minds on whom to vote.


This campaign is not a left versus right, nor is it one party is better or worse than another. This campaign aims to bring honesty and trust into the campaign trail.


Let the "campaign" ride begin ... it is going to an interesting trip!





0 # catrine Danièle 2017-08-29 10:22
:lol: voting becomes worth it again !!!
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