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Lagos, Algarve, 31 July 2014: ASMAA anounced today that it is restructuring its board. It is typical that as an organisation grows out of its start-up phase and progresses into the phase of expansion and growth, that there will be a need for restructuring.



ASMAA is no different!

Without a doubt, this restructuring is vital for growth if we want to create a more agile, effective and efficient organization. The original governance structure is not functioning as planned, and restructure is necessary if we are to readjust to the constantly challenging environment that we operate in.


ASMAA was created in December 2012 with three distinct purposes:

  1. Support the economy of the Algarve leveraging tourism as a mechanism for economic sustainability and growth though various initiatives, and
  2. A mechanism to inform and educate the local population about the threat of oil and gas exploration in the Algarve offshore, and to lobby opposition against it, by mobilising the marine and coastal zone local communities and the business sector, and
  3. Ensure that the rapidly growing number of surf schools would have access to a fair and equitable trading environment with the appropriate legislation governing the activities of surf schools in the Algarve.

A small group of people, (representing one organisation and two businesses) interested in the objectives, got together and formed the association.  Without a doubt, the efforts of this small group have been very successful, and without these efforts many individuals would not be aware that gas and oil exploration is a real threat, and the surf school operating environment would not enjoy improved licensing conditions.

ASMAA has operated primarily as a volunteer organisation with only a hand full of its 8000+ members giving of their time, to maintain and develop initiatives to sustain its objectives. But we have now reached the stage that ASMAA needs a higher level of participation by its members, and better organisational structure if we want to move forward in an effective manner.

In this communiqué, it is important to answer pertinent questions that may arise around the current restructuring of The Association and what it means for existing ASMAA members, friends and supporters of the association.

Every effort has been made to address the immediate impacts of the restructure, but as you can appreciate there is a great deal of planning underway to determine the exact priorities and operations of the organisation as we move forward into the future.

This restructure is an opportunity to:

  1. Ensure that our ocean and its ecosystem are kept safe from pollution and other threats through a more aggressive lobbying campaign.
  2. Improve the community education process
  3. Ensure that tourism remains a safe source of income for local families and businesses.

Above is not an exhaustive list as many different benefits will evolve out of initiatives developed through the upcoming strategic planning process.

Why is ASMAA being restructured?

Put simply, some of the members of our board of directors, due to the constraints placed on them by their personal business interests have been unable to sufficiently meet their duties and responsibilities to the association, and acting in the best interests of ASMAA moving forward, they have decided to step down as directors, and handover the reigns of their portfolios to others that have more energy and time to devote to ASMAA.  

Will my membership fee change?

All current members of ASMAA will automatically become “collaborating members in their individual capacity”, with membership uninterrupted until your next normal renewal date.

Developing priorities of ASMAA will decide any changes to membership fees in the future with a focus on providing value for its members.

The restructuring is an opportunity for ASMAA to increase its revenue sources so that it does not rely solely on membership fees. Therefore a focus will be on reducing membership costs to individual members.

What other benefits can I expect from the restructure?

A more focused organisation, lobbying for the interest of all and nature. Focus on promoting events that market’s the Algarve, and collaboration with many other organisations and interest bodies so as to ensure that ASMAA’s objectives are met.

What is the next step in the restructure?

The appointment of a new Chairman (President) and other functional directors.

Who will make up the board of ASMAA and what is its role?

The new board of directors will consist of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 14 individuals. The purpose of this new structure, is to create a mix of backgrounds and skills that together will assist in furthering the organisation and its objectives.

The role of the board is to be independent and to act in the best interests of all its members. Furthermore their purpose is not to act for any particular constituency, organisation, business or council area, but rather to act on behalf of ALL in the Algarve.

Steps are currently being taken to fill the remaining board positions in line with our articles of association. If you are interested in being part of the new board, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This new board is charged to oversee that the new strategies of the organisation are followed, develop the appropriate relationships and get the right people involved, so that we have formed the basis of a real strong organisation.

How can you help?

You certainly can help ASMAA as we enter this new phase of its existence!

In the coming months there will be a lot to do and many roles to fill. We are working to put together various committees to work on various aspects of the organisation and its various projects.

If you think that you, or someone that you know has the skills and enthusiasm to participate in these committees, or if you have the time to put into the association then please get in touch with us.

We need all hands on deck in the Algarve … as we move forward to 2015.

With our best regards

Laurinda Seabra

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 282 789 888
Mobile: 969 320 231

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