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ASMAA websites withstands another major and nasty hacker attack

Since 2H00am on 21 January that ASMAA’s websites have been under constant attack by some very nasty and bent on destruction hackers, determined to break them.


Since that date, our team has managed to maintain the websites online, while in the background some of the following was happening:

  1. 1900 failed attempts to break into our database server per hour
  2. More than 400 000 attempts in past week alone
  3. Attempts every 5 seconds to break into our databases in the last 3 days


Like all website owners we experience the “standard” DDOS, hackers attempting to get to our website to inject some very nasty stuff, and other typical “hacking fun and games”, … but in past week, our team identified a different pattern to the attacks, it was the first time that we have experienced a deliberate attempt to bring down and keep our websites down without attempting to inject any nasty stuff.


It appears that this last attack conducted by very well paid hackers had one intention only: “kill ASMAA’s websites and keep them offline”.

Taking into account the fight that ASMAA has on its hands, and the fact that it is our intention to STOP any company drilling for oil and gas in Portugal this year using the legal process this time, it made us realise that the stakes have been greatly increased, and as expected, another form of retaliation has started …


You may ask why target our websites?

  1. Because ASMAA’s websites are the only real source of current information on the status of the planned oil and gas drilling in Portugal both onshore and offshore
  2. Because it will divert human resources away from the anti-oil fight and into keeping the websites safe, active and online
  3. Because it will force us to redirect some of our funds away from the oil fight and in the process reduce our ability to fully cover anti-oil rising campaign and legal costs. Aka: forcing us to spend money unnecessary and thus reduce our economic foundation …


Are we surprised? Not at all! Has it been disruptive? A little bit! Will it really make us change our direction and give up the fight? NO CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING!

What it has done, is make us more determined to stop oil and gas drilling in the onshore and offshore of Portugal and to keep on fighting. We thank our fantastic and hard-working IT team for their commitment and professionalism in keeping our sites online, safe and secure.


A luta continua …



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