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Attack averted! ASMAA’s internal controls prove to be robust

PRESS RELEASE. Lagos, 27 September 2017: ASMAA announced today that the hiccups experienced this month are a thing of the past and the challenges overcome successfully.

Last week we requested ASMAA supporters to suspend making donations to the association as the Santander bank account had been suspended while being worked on.


This suspension was triggered by three individuals who tried to close down the bank account by taking advantage of the confusion created by Santander’s takeover of Banif and the merger of two different account record systems.


One of the individuals was in a position of trust within the organisation and two are former ASMAA members.


Hat’s off to Santander´s management for the speed with which they acted to restore full banking facilities. ASMAA’s bank account now has additional safety features put in place by the bank’s management team and now is fully functional.


As laws may well have been broken, ASMAA management plans to report these events to the relevant authorities and professional bodies once an internal investigation is concluded.

Your Association’s management views the breach of trust and attempted meddling with its banking arrangements in a very serious light, and is doing everything possible objectively to gather the facts.


We wish to thank everyone that has assisted in quickly resolving this situation before it could damage the association.


It is hard not to ponder the timing of these actions that set out to harm the organisation and to wonder whether there was any political desire to stop ASMAA running a campaign during the September run up to the municipal elections – a campaign that went ahead as planned.

Thank you to all ASMAA members and supporters who have donated funds to the organisation.

Your Association now is stronger, more effective and more resilient and the bank account is ready to receive your donations towards our work.



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