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ENI/GALP "EXEMPTED" from paying TUPEM licence fees?

It was with utter astonishment that we read a copy of the TUPEM licence granted to ENI on 11 January 2017 by the DGRM signed by Miguel Sequeira who was then its Director General.

Sequeira left the DGRM shortly after signing the TUPEM licence to ENI, and was appointed by the Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino to take up a post as Director General of GAMA (Gabinete de Investigação de Acidentes Marítimos e da Autoridade para a Meteorologia Aeronáutica) according to a publication in the Portuguese Government Gazette. He took up his new position on 21 February 2017. (Despacho n.º 1654/2017 - Diário da República n.º 37/2017, Série II de 2017-02-21)

What the TUPEM licence further illustrated to us is that the Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino not only authorized the TUPEM licence to ENI on 11 January 2017, but that she had also ensured that no fees would be charged to ENI for the use of the Portuguese Maritime space using the law 38/2015 of 12 March , a law that was created and passed by her predecessor - Assunção Cristas when she was responsible for the sea portfolio. 




One can’t but ask the minister:

  1. On what grounds did she decided that ENI should be exempted from paying fees as required in terms of their contract?

  2. What benefits were negotiated for Portugal through the granting of that exemption, if any?


It is clear that the more one finds out about the wheeling and dealings taking place behind closed doors in this ministry (and the previous one), the more concerned we, as citizens and residents should be! Don't you agree?


You can download a copy of the TUPEM licence in the attachment section below. (In Portuguese)



Download attachments:
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