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Extension of ENI/Galp creates conflict between Economy and Environment ministries. Really?

A very interesting article in the Express online newspaper of today (28 January 2018) which raised some eyebrows. A dispute between two organs of the state? Really? We don't think so, but nice try from the government PR machinne.

 At first glance, this article wants us, (whom they treat as “the great unwashed”) to believe that there is a real dispute between the Economy Ministry and the Environment one. Don’t be fooled, they are all eating from the same table, and probably from the same plate, fed by the same “cooks”. And neither you nor me are sitting at that table, but our future, and that of our children and grandchildren are part of the “tasty and profitable” meals that is being devoured by a selected few.

The most telling sentence is the last one in their article. You can really just ignore most of the article PR content, here's the translated "tell-tale" bit allegedly stated by the Environment Minister:


… his department respects all contractual agreements, (sic) such as the one for prospecting and not exploration”


In our opinion, what this sentence means is that you shouldn’t expect miracles from his department, as in all probability his department will sign the necessary authorisations to ensure that the contractual agreement between the government and ENI/Galp is fulfilled. Meaning they (ENI/GALP) will be fully authorised to drill their well this year. That is the bottom line, folks!

Let’s keep in mind that this sentence or variants thereof, have been repeated “ad-nauseum” by everyone: starting with Prime Minister Antonio Costa, Minister of the Sea – Ana Paula Vitorino right through to Paulo Carmona from ENMC, but the list of government individuals saying that is a very long one ...


All trying to convince us, that there’s nothing to worry about. Why are you all complaining about, and up in arms?  “it’s just pesquisa”.

But ...

they forget to always inform everyone concerned, that what the contracts include is not just "PESQUISA" ... it is the full hog ... from "pesquisa" phase, to full comercialisation, and finally to exit once wells are empty. (All valid for a period of more than 50 years).


The second interesting bit, is by the Secretary of State for Energy, Seguro Sanchez, and his "hog-washed" argument:


... the companies (ENI/GALP) invested to date 76 millionEuros"

Which in our opinion is just peanuts (small change) in bloated exploration budgets of oil companies.

Blimy, couldn't the Secretary of State, Seguro Sanchez think of a better argument? Especially when his department wrote off 400M€ from reneweable energy big players such as EDP, when Galp refused to pay 240M€ as their contributions for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 for the legislated energy sector contribution?

It looks like all that is important in the government eyes is to keep the big energy and oil players happy, because they keep on bending over to their demands.


In the process, and once again, the government “hog washing” machine is running full steam ahead in spite of 42,000 objecting, in spite of all affected council mayors objecting, in spite of civic organisations such as ours objecting.

They are in fact steam rolling all objections!


Talk about obfuscation. Blimy, but we are not fooled and neither should you be.


Well, we have news for these government departments, we do not intend to sit back praying and hoping that they will do what is right for the people, for the environment, for the local communities that will be directly affected and even for the country.


A Luta Continua


Link to original article in th Express Newspaper (Portuguese)


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