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Finally: We have some great news at ASMAA!

Months of work has led to our current position! Below, you'll find different tools to assist us all, in raising much needed funds. Just to remind all, ASMAA receives no funds from government, big businesses or foundations to support us in our work.

After months of looking for new fund raising tools to assist ASMAA in raising the funds that we need so as to be able to really do all that needs to be done to protect our oceans, our land, our health, our local economy and our way of life, we have now a basket of options available which will make all of our supporters life easier to contribute to the financial well-being of our causes.


But before I tell you more, let me start by thanking each and everyone that has ever donated to ASMAA. If you haven’t received any of your donation receipts for 2017, so that you can claim it in your financial year-end submission to the Receiver of Revenue of your country, please let us know by return email.


Our current financial position is as follows

  1. We are still short of 1385-00€ (which should have been paid by no later than the 8th of February. (We now running nearly two weeks late with some of our contractual obligations which is putting tremendous stress on us) If you can help reduce this burden by making a donation by no later than Friday 23 February. We will be grateful.

  2. On the anti-oil drilling cases, we are now also seriously in the red with our legal team. We are short 3,690€ to pay them. Currently we have raised 272,00€ already in donations just in the past few days, but I’m sure you will agree we have a way to go before being back in the black in our legal fund.

If you would like to pay the legal firm directly you may do so. In this case your donation needs to be at least 500€ or more. Send us an email and we will give you all the relevant account details and payment reference that you need to use.

If your donation is less than 500€ you can use our Paypal account using your Paypal account or a Credit Card, or do a direct transfer to our bank account, or via Facebook using your credit card. (Although Facebook only transfers funds to us twice a month, and only after a minimum threshold of 100€ has been met)


So will YOU help ASMAA to meet our financial obligations?

Here’s how easier we have made it for you!


For direct financial contributions we still have the traditional methods of PayPal and Direct Bank Transfers.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or


REF: Say NO To Oil (For legal battle)
REF: ASMAA (for monthly costs)

ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
IBAN: PT50 0018 0008 02686698020 51
REF: Say NO To Oil (For legal battle)
REF: ASMAA (for monthly costs)


But (and here we are really very excited), we have added a new tool, after being approved by Facebook as a deserving not-for-profit organization in Portugal. The Facebook fundraising tools are easy to use, and even if you do not have “money” yourself to donate, you can still nonetheless assist by creating a Facebook fundraiser for ASMAA and assist us by creating a fundraising event and invite your friends and family members to participate. All you need then its just a few hours a week of your time.

You can read how easy it is here.


We all need things all the time, be it a new dress, a shirt, a kitchen utensil, a piece of furniture, or anything else. You can now through your purchase assist us in raising much-needed funds. And if you are not in the Algarve, but what you are looking for are just small items (not furniture), ask us first if we have it as we can then post them to you. Before you buy anywhere else, try us first.

To read about our charity shop here’s a link:

and to get an idea of what we have, check out our Facebook group, which was set-up as a showcase of some of the things we have in stock. Here’s the links.


If you have a local business, you can advertise YOUR BUSINESS in Gateway2Algarve.com. The owners of this website has very generously given us a very favorable license as another fund-raising tool. Check how you can list your business: http://gateway2algarve.com/about/list-your-business

As you can see above, YOU can now assist ASMAA in meeting our financial commitments using the tool that is most convenient to you. Be it as a traditional donor, as a fundraiser, or as a local business owner.

To keep up-to-date on what is happening , and things are moving extremely fast, follow us on Facebook and read the latest news on our website.

Help US to help ALL of us! We counting on you.

Laurinda Seabra & the rest of the ASMAA team
282 182 103 | 969 320 231

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