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Fire Victims: Let's Spread a Little Christmas Goodwill in December

Christmas is just around the corner, a few weeks away, and as many of you will know at ASMAA we have been actively involved in assisting the fire victims up north - now we want to do something different to help them over the festive season. Will you help us achieve it by filling a Christmas Shoebox?

Having just returned from our trip, and having recovered from all that we saw, one thing that we have come to realise is that once Christmas is upon us, many of the affected families will be relieving past Christmas and looking back. With that comes the high risk that many will become even more depressed than what they already are - due to the circumstances and the destroyed environment surrounding them.

As a result we though it could be a good idea to create a little Christmas cheer. Currently we know of 30 council areas that are badly affected by the fires. That is over 300 villages and thousands of human beings - young and old.


The idea is to gather at least 1000 Christmas Shoeboxes filled with little goodies. They don’t take long to do, cost very little and mean an enormous amount to the intended recipients. With that in mind we are asking you to please fill a box, two or more, and get it delivered to us between the 1st  and 10 December! (Not before)

You can also donate funds (For transport and to make-up boxes if you are far away) - Please use as a ref: Christmas Shoeboxes - use our Donate page - click here


Guidelines below - Let them know it’s Christmas and that you are thinking of them!


What will you need?

You will need a shoebox (we suggest a size 8 – 10). Wrap the top and the box in Christmas paper, separately. Think about whom you are filling your box for:

  1. Babies 0 - 2
  2. Girl 2-4 years Boy 2-4 Years
  3. Girl 5-7 Boy 5-7
  4. Girl 8-11 Boy 8-11
  5. Girl 12-14 Boy 12-14
  6. Girl 15-18 Boy 15-18
  7. Adult woman - Adult Man
  8. Pensioner Women – Pensioner Man

Mark the category on the top of the box with a label please.

Put in one WOW!!! Item according to age, it doesn’t have to be new but it MUST be in good condition. It doesn’t have to wrapped, but can be if you wish.

Fill in the rest of the box with all sorts of little bits, they don’t have to cost much: it could be balloons, bubbles, crayons etc for little ones and sweeties are always good! Hats and gloves as winter is coming socks, old video cassets make great pencil cases, take the case, take out the paper cover, pop in a post card and fill with felt tips, etc.

For the ladies, a sewing kit, soap, tampax, tights, shampoo, chocolate, little treats they wont be buying themselves this year ; again hats, gloves, skin cream, stationery.

For the guys toiletries, socks, gloves, chocolate, seeds, disposable razors ... etc.

You get the idea! Anything that will lift them a little  - but please NO alcohol and No tobacco.

Please think about the adolescents, they are the most difficult to buy for, the little ones and adults are easy - the in betweenies tend to fall through the gap. If you would like to add to the lists please do! It would be nice if you popped in a Christmas card or a written message, just to say Happy Christmas.

If you would like to get together with friends and do your boxes together it can be fun, please deliver them to us before the 10 December! Have fun!

The ASMAA Team


Some More Ideas


Babies - This is given to new mothers and can include baby wipes, cotton wool buds, baby shampoo, baby oil, talc powder, bonnet, bootees and mitts, baby grow, knitted matinee coat, small soft toy or plastic rattle. Age up to 12months

For Boys & Girls
 - Cars, trucks, etc, balls, complete jigsaws puzzles, action figures, colouring books, pens, crayons, Lego blocks, yo-yo, bubble blowers, wooden and plastic toys, building blocks, pencil case, pencil sharpener, dominoes, playdough / plastercine & cutters, fluffy toys, dolls, stickers, writing pads, skipping rope, scarf, mittens / gloves, hat, harmonica, games, cards…

  1. 1-3 year olds:  dolls, teddy bears, cot mobiles, baby clothes, bath toys, CDs of suitable music and nursery rhymes, puzzles
  2. 3-5 year olds: dolls and action figures, cars, lorries, DVDs and CDs (music and nursery rhymes), colouring sets, pencils, crayons, books, puzzles
  3. 5-9 year olds: educational games & toys, stationery (colouring sets, pencils, crayons, school sets), CDs & family friendly DVDs, books, puzzles, word search, crosswords.

Teenagers ~ For young people up to 18 years age
 -Sportswear, scarf, gloves, socks, hat, football memorabilia, writing materials, games, playing cards, tennis ball, tooth brush & paste, deodorants, comb, mirror, costume jewellery, make-up, hair brush, toiletries, school stationery, clothing repair kits, sketch pad, coloured pens / pencils…

  1. 9-12 year olds: games and toys, stationery, CDs, DVDs, books, T-Shirts, hair accessories, gloves, scarves, hats
  2. 13-18 year olds: CDs, DVDs, books, make-up and toiletries (please try to ensure non-allergic ingredients if possible), gloves, scarves, hats, T-Shirts, hair accessories

Household Goods ~ For older folk & families
 - Scarves, gloves, hats, wrapped soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razors, shampoo, soap flakes, pan scourers, antiseptic cream, bandages, face or body creams, cosmetics, pens, writing pad & envelopes, candles, sewing kit, scissors…




0 # Ann lancaster 2017-11-06 15:48
Wonderful idea. I will start on mine today.
Will do several.
And I still have bags to delilver, but have to sort them first.
Thanks for the idea,
Ann Lancaster, FREEMAPS
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