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From standing against various lobbies (oil, gas and deep-sea mining) as well as a government fully in support of oil and gas drilling (both on land and at sea), to supporting fire victims in the North of Portugal, this year we’ve faced many challenges. But thanks to our work together – supporters, members, activists and volunteers – we have a lot to be proud of in 2017.

O Bloco de Esquerda, em conjunto com o PAN, deu hoje entrada do Projeto de Resolução pelo fim definitivo de todas as concessões remanescente em território nacional para a prospeção, pesquisa, desenvolvimento e produção de petróleo e gás.

It was with absolute astonishment that ASMAA found itself embroiled in various unfounded but very serious allegations of political bias and alleged political misconduct.

COMUNICADO DE IMPRENSA: A ASMAA tem o prazer de apresentar os membros que integram a nova liderança da associação, a partir de 21 de setembro de 2017 até 20 de setembro de 2022.

COMUNICADO DE IMPRENSA. Lagos, 27 de setembro de 2017: A ASMAA anunciou hoje que os problemas sofridos ao longo deste mês foram ultrapassados com sucesso.

PRESS RELEASE. Lagos, 27 September 2017: ASMAA announced today that the hiccups experienced this month are a thing of the past and the challenges overcome successfully.

PRESS RELEASE: ASMAA is happy to announce that the following members form the new leadership of the association, effective from 21 September 2017 until 20 September 2022.

5 June 2017, Lagos, Portugal:  ASMAA announced today the launch of their new campaign “Take a Leap into the Future with ASMAA”.

We still can’t believe that 5 years has passed. We look back and it feels like it was only yesterday that the idea for the creation of ASMAA happened.

Many people has heard of us over the years, but many do still do not know much about us. In this article we will answer some of the most common questions that we’ve been asked.

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  • ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
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