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We would like to share with all of you, and in plain language, the legal process in Portugal relating to court injunctions (urgent applications / providências cautelares) and court applications against oil companies and the government.

Gostaríamos de dar o nosso contributo, tentando numa linguagem menos formal, clarificar, alguns institutos que nos parece, que poderão ajudar-nos a todos, a compreender, este processo.

ASMAA representatives will be meeting with AMAL (Algarve Councils Association)  representatives on Tuesday 29 November 2016 at their offices in Faro to get up-to-date information about the two court interdicts lodged at the Loulé court by AMAL in July 2016 to stop the Galp/ENI offshore exploration drilling in the Aljezur offshore and the contracts with Sousa Cintra’s Portfuel which cover more than 50% of the Algarve onshore region.

Expansion of Arctic oil drilling after ratification of the Paris climate agreement is labeled a 'dangerous act of hypocrisy'

In an unprecedented move, Norway one of the countries used by Portugal as a fantastic example to justify opening our ocean to oil and gas exploration, has been taken to court by Greenpeace and Nature & Youth.

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