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Various serious disasters took place in Portugal in the past four weeks and indicated clearly the risks – not only environmental, economic or human - but also the poor and ineffective disaster management by some of the critical civil protection services.

Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino replies to request for an opinion in relation to ASMAA's objection petition against the granting of a TUPEM licence to the Galp/ENI consortium to drill in the Aljezur offshore.

We are very excited. Since last year that we have been planning on opening a charity shop and an up-cycling hub in Lagos. As of this week, we have now secured a very functional warehouse in Barão de São João.

5 June 2017, Lagos, Portugal:  ASMAA announced today the launch of their new campaign “Take a Leap into the Future with ASMAA”.

In the past few years ASMAA has often been asked to assist and to provide advice and at times guidance to foreign residents in the Algarve covering a myriad of issues. We’ve always felt that there was a distinct need for such a service, but only now is ASMAA in a position to actively respond to it.

Most of us are very familiar with Portuguese bureaucracy, what we not used to it is when bureaucracy is applied to the big boys, and especially to big oil.

Tomorrow, 9 May, the Portuguese parliament is going to debate the proposal submitted by the Bloco de Esquerda and PAN, which if approved would see the end of all new oil and gas exploration concessions in Portugal. The proposal will then be voted after the debate in the parliamentary session.

Yesterday, 2 May 2017, the Portuguese courts accepted the injunction application submitted by the Odemira Municipality two weeks ago. The court acknowledged that the submission had valid arguments for acceptance of the application.

ASMAA will be at the Discoveries Festival in Lagos, which will be held between the 28 April and 1 May. Our stand is in the main terrace next to the Infant statue facing the old army quarters. (next to D. Maria Church / seagulls swimming pool)

We still can’t believe that 5 years has passed. We look back and it feels like it was only yesterday that the idea for the creation of ASMAA happened.

The Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at an event on Saturday 18 March in Faro clearly demonstrated that he had to be badly briefed by his advisors on the subject of “Oil and gas exploration in the Algarve”, because the alternative is that he just blatantly lied to the Portuguese nation.

If there’s one process that smacks of “Trumpism” is the Galp/ENI Tupem application process. Why? Read on … an opinion by Laurinda Seabra.


In an atmosphere of disinformation in which real facts relating to the ENI/Galp TUPEM licensing have been kept from the public, ASMAA was shocked to discover today that on 11 January this year, the outgoing director general of DGRM Miguel Sequeira signed the ENI/GALP deep offshore TUPEM authorisation licence, which effectively allows the consortium to start drilling in the Alentejo Basin.

There are times when I wish my understanding of a situation was incorrect, and I was proven wrong - today, is one of these days. Since the notice that all contracts in the Algarve had been “cancelled” hit the newsstands all over the country in December, I’ve been warning that in my opinion, that was not the truth.

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