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On 21 December 2018, the Portuguese parliament voted on proposals submitted by three political parties – The Bloco de Esquerda (Left Block), PAN and the Greens. It is interesting to note that only the proposal by the Greens (PEV) was approved, with the other two rejected. Let’s now look at what was proposed in more detail.

We start 2019 preparing for our first day in the Loulé court, which is scheduled for the 11th of February at 14h00 when a preliminary hearing will take place.

2018 was a watershed year for ASMAA as we progressed through the transformation process that started in 2017.

Opinion article by Laurinda Seabra in response to arguments that as the Portuguese government has been "democratically elected", they can do as they please. I disagree.

On Monday 30th October we woke-up to the news that Galp would be disinvesting from the Algarve. The news was spread all over the press, and welcomed by many mayors in local municipalities, other associations, platforms, community groups and the general public at large – except for ASMAA.

Diogo Duarte convida-vos à leitura do seu recente artigo de opinião, publicado no jornal Barlavento em papel no dia 23 Outubro. Neste artigo, cujo título é propositadamente provativo, aborda o sentido, conteúdo e alcance do protocolo estabelecido entre a GALP e a Universidade do Algarve. Apresentando o caso de Clair…
Artigo de opinião, porque nós na ASMAA temos uma grande dificuldade em acreditar que boas notícias vem do governo ou do consórcio Galp/ENI. Porque é difícil acreditar que viraram as costas às três concessões na Bacia do Alentejo sem haver contrapartidas. Especialmente tendo em conta tudo feito nos ultimos anos,…

OPINION article about why, we at ASMAA don't really believe that Galp, ENI and the government just walked away quietly from three concession areas in the Alentejo Basin.

O jornal O Sol afirma que Laurinda Seabra é criticada pelo sector de exploração petrolífera e pelo sector ligado ao mar, por alegadas relações menos claras e até estranhas, a outras empresas.

ENI says that "a delay is inevitable." Meaning that there will be NO DRILLING in 2018 in the Aljezur sea, we also need to take into account that current contract expires in January 2019.

Prospeção de petróleo ao largo de Aljezur: ENI diz que “adiamento é inevitável”. Contrato termina em janeiro de 2019.

Nota de Imprensa. Lagos, 30 Setembro 2018: Mais de 700 pessoas juntam-se a acção popular da ASMAA contra contratos de petróleo em Portugal.


Press Release, 30 September 2018, Lagos: More than 700 people joins ASMAA’s Class Action against oil exploration contracts in Portugal


In this article, you’ll find a brief explanation of what is a "Class Action". We've drafted this note, so that everyone understands why it was the most appropriate and the selected course of action followed by ASMAA. Any association can choose to follow this strategic path as long as certain conditions are met. We have taken this opportunity to answer a number of questions that we have received, and which in our opinion are important - so that everyone can be properly informed.

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