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A semana passada a ASMAA foi informada que o BE tinha submetido dois requirementos na Assembleia da República sobre a saga da exploração de petróleo na costa Alentejana.

ASMAA was informed that last week, on the 25 January, the BE requested during a sitting of parliament, documentation from Ministry of Economy and from the DGRM as a result of the extension autorization of the ENI/Galp consortium drilling contract in the Alentejo Basin off Aljezur coast.

A very interesting article in the Express online newspaper of today (28 January 2018) which raised some eyebrows. A dispute between two organs of the state? Really? We don't think so, but nice try from the government PR machinne.

A política pública deste Governo sobre temáticas ambientais ocorre na fronteira entre a cosmética e propaganda.
Pedido de prolongamento da pesquisa na bacia do Alentejo teve luz verde da Energia, condicionada a avaliação de impacte ambiental e a caução.

It was with utter astonishment that we read a copy of the TUPEM licence granted to ENI on 11 January 2017 by the DGRM signed by Miguel Sequeira who was then its Director General.

ENI the Italian company that is at the forefront of controversy and facing various civic actions against them in Portugal, has a reputational history that should raise serious concerns with our Portuguese government and with the people of Portugal.

O ministro do Ambiente "garantiu" (sic) que a lei e as "condições ambientais" serão cumpridas no prolongamento da exploração de petróleo na costa vicentina.

From standing against various lobbies (oil, gas and deep-sea mining) as well as a government fully in support of oil and gas drilling (both on land and at sea), to supporting fire victims in the North of Portugal, this year we’ve faced many challenges. But thanks to our work together – supporters, members, activists and volunteers – we have a lot to be proud of in 2017.

Cerca de meia centena de pessoas manifestou-se hoje junto à escadaria da Assembleia da República contra a pesquisa de hidrocarbonetos ao largo de Aljezur, no Algarve, e as concessões denominadas Pombal e Batalha, na região centro.
A Assembleia da República aprovou esta quinta-feira um projeto de resolução que recomenda ao Governo a suspensão da pesquisa e prospeção de hidrocarbonetos ao largo do Algarve e do Alentejo, apresentado pelo PCP.
O secretismo que sucessivos governos e seus parceiros têm vindo a utilizar, deixa-nos quase sem palavras.

The underhanded manner in which governments and their colluding partners act in subversive brainwashing campaigns, in an endeavour to advance their oil and gas exploration agenda in Portugal, can at times be truly disgusting.

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