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With three busloads of Algarvians on their way today to accompany parliamentary debates that will define their future, yesterday saw activists from all over Portugal - and many from the Algarve - shocked and dismayed by their experience of Portugal’s “Assembleia da República” - the so-called house of national democracy.

Os projetos de sondagem, prospeção e exploração de petróleo e gás natural vão ser um dos temas em discussão no dia 26 Outubro no Parlamento. Os três partidos mais ecologistas – BE, Verdes e PAN – apresentam três projetos distintos para travar a exploração de combustíveis fósseis on e off shore em Portugal.

Na reunião plenária que ocorreu no dia 26 Outubro de 2016 na AR, foram apresentados 5 projetos de lei. Os resultados da votação no dia 27 Outubro segue em baixo.

Authors: Mary Tiemann - Specialist in Environmental Policy and Adam Vann - Legislative Attorney. July 13, 2015

Author: By: Lee R. Hansen, Associate Analyst - Office of Legislative Research - January 2014

December 2015 - American firm Schuepbach lost its legal action against the French state to be allowed to frack for shale in Southern France.

On the 8th of December, as negotiators from around the world were working around the clock to reach agreement on a climate deal in Le Bourget, just 20 miles west from there, the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise was hearing the arguments of Schuepbach over the abrogation of two permits in the wake of the anti-fracking law passed in 2011.

Legal opinion prepared by the law firm Philippe & Partners - Brussels, 8 November 2011 for the Directorate-General for Energy in the European Commission and expresses the opinion of the organisation undertaking the study. 

SAN FRANCISCO (Feb 2015) — The Center for Biological Diversity sued the U.S. Interior Department today (see PDF) for violating three federal laws by rubberstamping offshore fracking off California’s coast without analyzing fracking pollution’s threats to ocean ecosystems, coastal communities and marine wildlife, including sea otters, fish, sea turtles and whales.

Environmentalists filed a federal lawsuit in Washington, DC on 8 January 2015 in an attempt to force the United States government into disclosing details about any hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, being done in the Gulf of Mexico.

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