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License to Dump

Despite Ban, New York Permits Pennsylvania to Dump Radioative Fracking Waste Inside Our Borders. Report 2015.

April 2015 report. EarthWorks.

This report combines an evaluation of federal and state laws regulating fracking wastewater with a thorough review, compiled for NRDC by an independent scientist, of the health and environmental risks posed by this high-volume waste stream and the currently available treatment and disposal methods.


Author: Health Professionals of NY. December 2014.

Authors: Talk Fracking - March 2015. This report has been commissioned by Talk Fracking

Produced February 2015 by Paul Mobbs Mobbs’ Environmental Investigations - 3 Grosvenor Road, Banbury OX16 5HN – http://www.fraw.org.uk/mei/

July 2014. Friends of the Earth. Author: Rachel Tansey, editor: Helen Burley, coordination and contributions: Antoine Simon, Natacha Cingotti, Samuel Fleet, Paul de Clerck (Friends of the Earth Europe)

The New York Times reviewed thousands of pages of documents related to shale gas, including hundreds of industry e-mails, internal agency documents and reports by analysts.

Who Pays the Cost of Fracking?

Weak Bonding Rules for Oil and Gas Drilling Leave the Public at Risk.

Authors: Tony Dutzik, Benjamin Davis and Tom Van Heeke from Frontier Group and John Rumpler from Environment America Research & Policy Center - 2013

Authors: Tanja Srebotnjak and Miriam Rotkin-Ellman. Natural Resources Defense Council. December 2014

Gas Drilling – Impact on Roads

Author: Michelle Mitchell, December 2010. A before and after illustration of the damage done to the road infrastructure.

Authors: Fracking Research Team: Jennifer Franco, Ana Maria Rey Martinez, Timothé Feodoroff from TNI Agrarian Justice Programme - January 2013

Authors: Mary Tiemann - Specialist in Environmental Policy and Adam Vann - Legislative Attorney. July 13, 2015

White Paper Series: 2013 - National Center for Freight & Infrastructure Research & Education -Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering - University of Wisconsin–Madison

Authors: Maria V. Hart, Teresa Adams, and Andrew Schwartz

June 2012 - Authors: Heather Cooley and Kristina Donnelly

Author: By: Lee R. Hansen, Associate Analyst - Office of Legislative Research - January 2014

The Costs of Fracking

The Price Tag of Dirty Drilling’s Environmental Damage

Authors: Tony Dutzik and Elizabeth Ridlington - Frontier Group and John Rumpler, Environment America Research & Policy Center - Fall 2012

Author: Erik Stokstad - 27 June 2014

Author: Natural Resources Defense Council July 2012

Author: James L. “Chip” Northrup - September 8, 2010

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