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Who Pays the Cost of Fracking?

Weak Bonding Rules for Oil and Gas Drilling Leave the Public at Risk.

Authors: Tony Dutzik, Benjamin Davis and Tom Van Heeke from Frontier Group and John Rumpler from Environment America Research & Policy Center - 2013

Authors: Tanja Srebotnjak and Miriam Rotkin-Ellman. Natural Resources Defense Council. December 2014

Gas Drilling – Impact on Roads

Author: Michelle Mitchell, December 2010. A before and after illustration of the damage done to the road infrastructure.

Authors: Fracking Research Team: Jennifer Franco, Ana Maria Rey Martinez, Timothé Feodoroff from TNI Agrarian Justice Programme - January 2013

Authors: Mary Tiemann - Specialist in Environmental Policy and Adam Vann - Legislative Attorney. July 13, 2015

White Paper Series: 2013 - National Center for Freight & Infrastructure Research & Education -Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering - University of Wisconsin–Madison

Authors: Maria V. Hart, Teresa Adams, and Andrew Schwartz

June 2012 - Authors: Heather Cooley and Kristina Donnelly

Author: By: Lee R. Hansen, Associate Analyst - Office of Legislative Research - January 2014

The Costs of Fracking

The Price Tag of Dirty Drilling’s Environmental Damage

Authors: Tony Dutzik and Elizabeth Ridlington - Frontier Group and John Rumpler, Environment America Research & Policy Center - Fall 2012

Author: Erik Stokstad - 27 June 2014

Author: Natural Resources Defense Council July 2012

Author: James L. “Chip” Northrup - September 8, 2010


Fracking Failures Report Winter 2015

Oil and Gas Industry Environmental Violations in Pennsylvania and What They Mean for the U.S.

Written by: Jeff Inglis, Frontier Group and John Rumpler, Environment America Research & Policy Center. Winter 2015

How Gas Wells Leak

Gas wells leak from the outside up, then from the inside out. Sooner or later, they all leak.

26 Feb 2014 - Science for Environment Policy Issue 405.

Schroeders Research Paper - A review of the challenges facing the shale energy industry. April 2014.

Author: David Buchan - July 2013.

Shale gas is a divisive issue in Europe because it highlights the growing tension between the EU’s energy and climate policies.

Authors: Lucija Muehlenbachs, Elisheba Spiller, Andrew Steck and Christopher Timminsy - February 15, 2015

Book authors: A World to Win writing team - Penny Cole, Matt Worsdale, Gerry Gold and Donald McQueen. Editor: Paul Feldman

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