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Covid-19. Find out how to get Social Security support if you work on green receipts

In addition to support to take care of children, self-employed workers can also request support of up to € 438,81 over six months, to help overcome the downturn in economic activity.

Workers with green receipts will be entitled to financial support during this coronavirus crisis, which has already caused 169 contagions, according to the latest data. In addition to support for employees, self-employed workers will also be entitled to remuneration to stay at home and take care of their healthy children, who will be without classes until at least April 13th.

The Government approved a set of measures for the self-employed that provides for a minimum monthly remuneration of 438,81 euros and a maximum remuneration of 1.097,03 euros, which is only valid for the next two weeks, but not for the period of Easter holidays, between March 30 and April 10. However, as in the case of employees on green receipts, they are not entitled to this support if the other parent is telecommuting.

To obtain this support, the self-employed person needs to fill out a form that can be obtained from Social Security Direct.

Self-employed workers must continue to pay due Social Security contributions while receiving support, but can ask for their postponement. Contributions can be paid within a maximum period of 12 months in installments.

Self-employed workers can also apply for support up to € 438,81 over six months, to help overcome the downturn in economic activity.


Find out how to get support to take care of your children during the coronavirus crisis, according to Social Security.

I am an independent worker. What kind of financial support can I get?

As a self-employed person you can have exceptional financial support, in the amount of one third of the monthly contribution base for the first quarter of 2020. For a period of 30 days, the limit is: • Minimum - 438,81 euros (value of the Indexer of Social Support - IAS) • Maximum - 1.097,03 euros (value of 2,5 IAS) If the period of closure of the educational establishment is less than one month, it receives the proportional value.

How long will I be entitled to this support?

During the period in which the school is closed, unless it coincides with school holidays.

How is financial support required?

Support is required through Social Security Direct, in a specific form.

Are social security contributions due on the amount of support due?

Yes, support must be declared in the Quarterly Declaration, subject to the respective social security contribution.

Does the childcare regime, in the context of prophylactic isolation, apply to the closure of schools?

Yes, if, during the closure of the school decreed by the Government, the child is in a situation of isolation decreed by the health authority, the regime provided for these cases applies, suspending the payment of the exceptional benefit of family support, and applies if the general child care regime.

If my child becomes ill during school closings, do I receive any support?

Yes, if during the closure of the school decreed by the Government, the child becomes ill, the payment of the exceptional family support payment is suspended and the general child care regime applies.

My spouse is at home telecommuting. Can I benefit from exceptional family support during school closings?

No. If one parent is telecommuting, the other cannot benefit from this exceptional support.


Employment support measures for self-employed workers

What are the support measures in the event of a reduction in the self-employed person's economic activity?

Extraordinary financial support for the reduction of economic activity and a deferral of payment of contributions.

What are the conditions to be entitled to extraordinary support?

• Be covered exclusively by the self-employed regime;
• Not being a pensioner;
• Have had a contributory obligation for at least 3 consecutive months for at least 12 months;
• Be in a proven situation to stop its activity, or the activity of that sector, as a result of the outbreak of COVID – 19.

How can I prove that the activity or activity in that sector has stopped altogether?

It proves the complete stoppage of the activity by means of a declaration on honor or, in the case of Independent Workers under organized accounting regime, by the certified accountant.

How much is the financial support?

The amount of the support is that of the remuneration recorded as a contributory base, with a maximum limit of 438,81 euros (1 IAS).

From when and for how long am I entitled to this financial support?

You are entitled to financial support from the month following the submission of the application, for a period of one month, extendable monthly, up to a maximum of 6 months.

Do I have to pay contributions when I receive financial support?

Contributions will always be due, even when you are receiving financial support. However, you can ask for them to be postponed until after the end of support.

What are my obligations as long as financial support is maintained?

Submit the quarterly statement if you are subject to this obligation.

When should I pay these contributions?

From the second month after the end of support. These amounts can be paid through a installment agreement, within a maximum period of 12 months in monthly and equal installments.

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