Europe: JFK21 won a court case in Denmark. PCR-test NOT required!

Europe: JFK21 won a court case in Denmark. PCR-test NOT required!
  • 12 August 2021

On 10 August 2021, Mads Palsvig the Chairman of JFK21 Danish party released information about their win regarding one of the party members 500€ fine for refusing to be subjected to a PCR test on arrival at airport. Link to video below.


It was heartwarming to listen to the Chairman of the Danish political party as he describes their court win. Click here for the Link to the video. According to him, the Danish government can not demand anyone to take a PCR test, because the announcement/executive order is inferior in legal standing to alienable rights and the Constitution.

This is similar to what is taking place in every country, although most governments are snubbing their noses at their countries Constituitions. Its time for people to challenge the official narratives head-on in courts of law, and for citizens to lay charges against those that are trying to enforce such criminal actions.

Stand-up ... this is a war on the citizens of this world.

Nicked a comment from the video page because its important in my opinion - link to a petition below

This is fantastic news and hope for all Europe that we may block these insane satanists, which are playing the most vicious game with all of us.

I wish to refer you to a petition lodged with the Parliament in Luxembourg questioning pcr-tests for the following reasons:


  1. They are inefficient to asses whether somebody is either infected or infectious. This has been affirmed by PCR inventor Kary Mullis, confirmed in May by the Swedish Folkshälsomyndighet and then by searchers in the German university Duisburg-Essen.
  2. The swabs stuck in the nose are sterilized with ethylene oxide, a substance, which is filed as carcinogenic. The petition is in French but you can check the various links. Most of them are in English.
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