Hannah Rose filled on behalf of the peoples of the United Kingdom a complaint with the International Criminal Court on 6 December 2021, alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK.

On the 20th of April this year the signatories to the press release below, issued a 27-page ‘Request for Investigation’ (Request), to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, alleging that certain members of the UK government and its advisors, were complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

On 30 March 2020 Larry Klayman, the founder, chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch, Inc. filed a criminal complaint against the People's Republic of China over its alleged criminal conduct in causing a worldwide pandemic of such a huge magnitude never witnessed in either the 20th or 21st centuries and perhaps world history. 

In March this year, a complaint from the organization “People of Truth” was filed with the Hague Tribunal by lawyers Ruth Machnes and Aryeh Suchowolski, of the law firm A. Suchovolsky and Co., concerning violations of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and other parties.