Two Historical Legal Actions in Portugal for the safeguard of children and youth.

Two Historical Legal Actions in Portugal for the safeguard of children and youth.
  • 25 August 2021

Today is really an historical day in the fight to protect all the residents in Portugal. The actions also aim to protect all the children and youth in Portugal against the diabolical vaccination campaigns for Covid 19 being pushed by the Portuguese government on instructions from the European Commission.

At ASMAA we welcome those initiatives and give our full endorsement to them.


The Actions

Action I: Criminal Charges for Crimes Against Humanity

Judge Rui Castro laid criminal charges today at the offices of the Portuguese Attorney General (PGR) against the government, and all parties directly involved in enforcing Covid19 “pandemic” response.

According to Judge Rui Castro, the criminal charges detailed in the submitted document is the product of a compromise between the temptation to have a more comprehensive - and complex document and the need for simplification, because the Attorney General’s office is not meant to be lost analysing hundreds of pages prior to getting a true understanding of the charges.

You can download a copy of the charges in the attachment section. The charges are in Portuguese but you will find supporting data in the document in English.


Action II: Class Action requesting that the Portuguese government and Infarmed temporary suspend the vaccination of children and youth.

This class action was lodged in the Lisbon High Court (Tribunal Administrativo) in Lisbon on Monday 23 August by a group of individuals and health professionals.


Although ASMAA fully supports this class action to temporary suspend the vaccination campaign of children and youth that is in course, we disagree with the applicants, in that this suspension should be of a permanent nature, but also effective for all age groups, and not only for children and youth.

ASMAA is in support of the cancelation of ALL Covid 19 vaccination programs currently underway. And that plans for any future Covid vaccines be STOPPED permanently.

Vaccine manufacturers and governments have lost all credibility and are undeserving of any trust.


We place on record that all of us at ASMAA are not anti-vaccines, as many vaccines developed and tested over decades have proven its safety and benefit versus risk to humans. But this is not the case with the current Covid vaccines, as the Covid vaccines safety has not been established.

In fact, it is already clear that there isn’t any real benefit to human life to continue with the vaccination program currently underway. The reality is that serious risks have already been identified in the short-term. Serious risks that includes death and lifetime permanent disabilities. Those risks alone justify the suspension of the trials permanently. In the process many lives will be saved.

In our opinion the reason the vaccination campaign has not been stopped yet, is due to political pressure and hard-core lobbying by the vaccine manufacturers and other interested parties.

Nonetheless, we trust that the court will act correctly, and that the judge will not bend to political pressure. We still have trust in our legal system; let’s hope that this trust is not misplaced.

You can follow the class action on this link (in Portuguese only)


To conclude

We could not finish this article without bringing another class action that merits our support. This one impacts all children in the European Union. "Call to European Parents: Join EU action to withdraw authorisation of Pfizer Covid Injection For Children 12+" You can read more about it here.

All in all, it is indeed an historical time. Not only are now multiple legal actions in Portugal taking place but there's also major legal actions covering the whole of Europe, Portugal included.

The bottom line is that it’s imperative that we safeguard the lives of children and youth - our future adult generations. And for that alone any action that promotes their safety has ASMAA’s full support and endorsement.

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