AUSTRALIA - Historic Supreme Court Lawsuit Filed, Attorneys Speaks Out

Photo Source: WilliamCho - Pixabay
Photo Source: WilliamCho - Pixabay
  • 13 September 2021

This is an important court case as its resolution will have a ripple impact across the globe, as Australia is being used as the NWO pilot project for roll-out across the world. 

We ourselves, have joined thousands of people spread throughtout the world to watch a live stream of multiple Supreme Court cases challenging the legality of mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for professions in New South Wales (Australia). (You can watch the replay)


There are four cases challenging mandated jabs for people such as health workers and police officers drawing in multiple grounds including constitutional arguments.


You can listen to ABC NewsRadio's Ali Crew chat with Tony Nicolic who is the solicitor acting for the group, just click here.


You can also listen to Matthew Hopkins in a Stew Peters interview. Hopkins is one of the Australian attorney's who has filed an historic lawsuit in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The lawsuit targets the tyrants responsible for implementing the New World Order down under, the prototype for the West!


See the interview here. According to Hopkins this case has been expedited to be heard at the end of this month. This has to be THE most important case in Australia's history. You can also follow Matthew Hopkins on Facebook.



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