Portuguese Court Injunction: Stop the “Coerced” Covid Vaccination of Children

Portuguese Court Injunction: Stop the “Coerced” Covid Vaccination of Children
  • 08 September 2021

Help parents, grandparents and all those that care put a stop to this attack on the children and youth of Portugal by emailing the COURT today. More information below.

ASMAA is in full support of this injunction brought before the Portuguese Administrative Court on 23 August 2021 and we are doing all we can to assist in overturning the court decision. ASMAA is acting in a consultative role on this action without costs being levied against the class action petitioners.

Last week the court gave a negative decision - we still can't believe it - nor the arguments used by the court.

Yesterday, 7 September an appeal was submitted to the appeal court in Lisbon (Tribunal Central Administrativo do Sul) arguing that the court decision was based on incorrect information.

Namely that the “vaccine” has not got “approval” as the court alleges, but that instead both EMA and INFARMED have only provided for a conditional marketing authorization.

Furthermore, we were shocked to learn that the court considered that children’s health and safety WAS NOT an issue of interest to each and everyone of us, especially parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts as well as the rest of the population.


We HAVE to let the COURT KNOW that this matter is indeed of great public interest; that we as caring human beings do indeed care and are concerned about the health and safety of children and youth.

We HAVE to make our voices heard, and as a result we request that you send an email to the court stating that YOU CARE!


With that in mind and to make it easier for you, we have been provided with a template in Portuguese and with instructions on how to complete the template letter as well as to where to email and send copies as well. You can download a copy of the letter as well as instructions on how to complete it.


There’s no doubt that adults have the option to choose whether to be “vaccinated” or not, however children as young as 12 year olds  are currently not given that choice.

Instead the government is making risky life choice decisions about children’s health and safety. They are coercing children using many methods, including SMS's in the middle of the night, with appointments already booked.

What is heart breaking, is that there is no VALID HEALTH or SAFETY reason to inject children in age groups that have "ZERO RISKS" from this virus.

And if you believe, that governments will not move forward with “vaccination” coercive campaigns of babies from 6-months onwards, I beg you to think again … many governments are already dropping hints about their intention to do so.


The reality is that all over the world, the Corona virus pandemic restrictions have and continue to tear children’s lives apart, and adding to the consequences of restrictions on children’s well-being up until now, they are now facing the risk of “coerced” vaccination campaigns by dystopian governments.


That is a NO – NO, for all parents and grandparents that love their children! And if you are a parent or grandparent, I’m sure you agree with us.


As it is already well documented, children have minimal risk of being affected by the Corona virus. They chance of getting sick from it is ZERO, meaning that there’s no ethical or moral justification for children to be injected with unknown products that is still in experimental phase until 2023 and being marketed as a vaccine. Especially taking into account that this experimental “vaccine” ONLY has conditional marketing authorisation.


This is the biggest global health, social and economic crisis of our lifetime and one that should coerced vaccination campaign continues will devastate future generations. Are you prepared to live with that knowledge?

If not, then the time to act is NOW!


In the USA until June 2021 more than 400 children have died from the experimental Covid "vaccines/gene therapy injections", and tens of thousands have been hospitalised with serious adverse reactions.

The death toll for vaccinated in the USA as a whole is now 600,000 deaths from the Covid "vaccines".

In Portugal the children death toll from these "vaccines" is rising too, as well as the adverse reports.


Together, we must act now to stop this threat to all our children and youth. Download, complete and email the letter to the Court today.

Thank you

The ASMAA Team


PS: Listen to Eric Clapton's Vaccine Experience and his view on his experience - Video Below - at end of this page..





Although we have offered our consultative skills and all our experience free of charge to assist in this action, the reality is that we are nonetheless incurring various costs. We would be grateful for any funds that you can donate to assist us in carrying the costs incurred in this very important cause. Donate 10, 20, 50€ or what you can afford. THANK YOU!


The simplest form is to make your donation online using your Paypal account, where you can also use your credit or debit card.

our Paypal email to donate is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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