This is the third article in our "political" campaign to hold political candidates accountable for their stance on the government's Covid narrative. Its a list of questions that every single voter must ask all the candidates to positions in the local elections, be it for municipal posts or for parish posts.

It’s clear that there is massive discontent with our political landscape in Portugal. Past elections voter abstention has clearly  shown that - as the party that gained the most votes was the "abstention" party.

ASMAA invites all citizens to CHALLENGE all political candidates on their position regarding the protection of children and youth against the draconian measures taken by government in response to this pseudo “pandemic”.

Today is really an historical day in the fight to protect all the residents in Portugal. The actions also aim to protect all the children and youth in Portugal against the diabolical vaccination campaigns for Covid 19 being pushed by the Portuguese government on instructions from the European Commission.