• 27 August 2021

It’s clear that there is massive discontent with our political landscape in Portugal. Past elections voter abstention has clearly  shown that - as the party that gained the most votes was the "abstention" party.

Once again, voters in the upcoming municipal election are being confronted with challenges to identify who really merits their vote.

Each and every day, someone is asking … 


“Which party should I vote for?”

We believe that this is the wrong question to ask.

A better question is …


Which Moral and Ethical Values Should I BE VOTING for?


We recognise that during the upcoming weeks we all have an opportunity to raise awareness of the foundational values and principles that are critical to voters living in a free and democratic society. It’s an opportunity to identify those candidates that have not only moral integrity but also the courage to stand up to government overreach.


How do I do that?

  • You should avail yourself of every opportunity to engage with candidates in your municipal/council area.
  • You should have a list of questions with you to present to each candidate.
  • Where possible, have someone video the candidate receiving and answering the questions.
  • Post these videos on social media.

It is time that we ask our existing as well as aspiring politicians the tough questions of where they stand with regards to our inherent and constitutional rights, vaccine mandates (which are in fact synthetic pathogen's marketed as a vaccine), vaccine passports, forced masking, forced testing, travel restrictions, and forced quarantine.


When it comes to protecting our rights and freedoms, there is no middle ground. They are either willing to defend our rights or they are not. Either way we as registered voters have a right to know.

We believe that moral values and principles, rather than personalities or political parties, should guide our choice of representative in our local municipalities and council areas. We strongly encourage voting for the candidates who will stand up and unambiguously defend our inherent and constitutional rights and freedoms, honour the legal right to informed consent free of coercion, and the right to refuse any medical intervention.

We need to select candidates who will clearly declare that vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and the forced testing of healthy citizens are immoral, illegal, unconstitutional, and needs to stop immediately.




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