Daily stories gathered from around social media... 22 July 2021

Daily stories gathered from around social media... 22 July 2021
  • 22 July 2021

We want to share with you some of the stories that have crossed our paths as we browse social media platforms on Thrusday 22 July... we've just selected a few ...


At first, I was friends with my friends "Covideiros". I never discriminated against people for having religious feelings, no matter how moronic their faith may be. Believe what you want, as long as you don't try to convert me or impose your rituals.

However, adherents to this new religion aka the new cult followers, has shown to have much less tolerance towards me than I do towards them. Those that are more or less devotees, generally agree that despotic theocracy should be installed, without God but with viruses, a status that will guarantee salvation for all.

They want me to agree and accept, for example, that law enforcement can force me into house arrest without me being indicted of any crime or bearing any infectious disease, they defend that its "right" for me to humble myself by covering my face in public, they want me to submit my body to medical experimentation, they want me to accept the discrimination imposed by a dictator, and they think it's very good that I'm penalized in my everyday life - not to mention - if I don't respect these protocols that the new liturgy imposes on all citizens I should be "hanged".

All of this, of course, in the name of the common good.

Now, people who wish this on all friends, people just like me, are for me the type of friends that the German Nazis were to their Jewish neighbors!

I would say more: if they are willing to sacrifice on the altar of their cult my usual way of life, which they have always known and never hurt them, then not only are they not my friends, but they reveal themselves to be my enemies.

And when faced with enemies, I claim the natural right to defend myself.

I am, by training, an enemy of people who attack the Republic, the secular state, the liberal democracy (here I am flexible), our rights, freedoms and guarantees, normal ways of life that do not observe abnormal rituals. Given the seriousness of the situation, I don't know if it's enough to talk about armistice, resuming the relationship in post-palermia - admitting there will be post-palermia.

These people reveal an overly vindicated micro-fascist character that will eventually manifest again when more damage can be done. And I don't want people like this around me or my loved ones.

The intolerance of these enemies deserves intolerance in response to their intolerance, which is the only justifiable action back. That's my feelings right now. Right or wrong. Because if their intolerance is allowed to carry on, nothing else will be tolerated, because they will stop at nothing. Even our lives. (Michel Montoire)

I'M NOT ANTI THIS OR ANTI THAT ... but here's my story

I’m not anti this or that I am absolutely pro choice so if you are one of the idiots telling me I’m an idiot for having the vaccine please jog on!!!!

I’m not here for anything other than sharing my story …

I’ve always trusted the science and my kids have had all their jabs from being kids …

I had my first jab and nothing really other than a temp and a bad head the next day ….no alarm and no reason to not get double jabbed. Loads of friends exactly the same….anyhow second jab and within an hour or so I felt unwell, passed out and woke thinking I had a stroke….I fell asleep thinking it was just the jab and would be ok in a few days. Few days past and my aches were in my left hand side and I started to have tremors …my speech was and still is not good. Is unreal…I'm slurring and forgetting words.

I rang for advise and was told I would get a call back as my doctor surgery was too busy!

I had a paramedic at my door within an hour telling me I had all the signs of a stroke …. I had an ecg and bloods taken…..waited in A&E for 10 hours! Dr was pissed at me from the offset and told me she was sick of hearing people whinging about the jab…after a little too and fro she examined me and said the likely hood was I had a Mini stroke….told me if I had the symptoms (the exact ones I had in front of her to go back)!!!

Three doctors later and nothing, go home relax and you will be fine.

My symptoms were constant aches down my left side, tremors in my left hand …..memory loss and brain fog, fatigue , bleeding under my skin and bleeding blood clots ….again not one person wanted to know.

I’ve now begged and I mean begged for my local practice to see me.

Saw a nurse whom said it was all neurological signs and I have now been referred for a brain scan and blood works done. She said I need to see a neurologist. I feel embarrassed….I took the jab in hope….I feel let down …I trusted the scientists…..I feel stupid i didn’t wait…. so please feel free to hold your judgement.

I am scared, unsure and have a health care system around me that don’t really want to know….they won’t blame it on the vaccine to the point they blamed my reaction down to my dog!!!!! I have constant pains, confusion, burning sensation and fatigue….brain fog….bleeding under the skin and blood clots …I had the AstraZeneca jab (Collette Middleton UK)


I have several stories to tell about the people in my life, but I will start with my brother.

He really felt he needed to get the shot because he has some health issues and didn't want to risk getting covid. So he got the first shot in the beginning of January and the 2nd one at the end. Right after he got that second shot, he began getting a build up of fluids in his abdominal area because his liver stopped working properly.

He went to the hospital and they stuck a large syringe in his side and drained 17 liters of fluid out.

They then prescribed medication to stop this fluid build up, but to no avail. He is in so much pain and he has had to go to the hospital every week to get between 8-10 liters fluids drained out of his abdomen. These conditions caused him to go into forced retirement, which was not the plan.

The fluid in the abdomen is stealing his nutrition and he has lost weight, but also muscle mass, mobility and strength. He feels off-centered and unsure of his footing now. His liver was not 100% initially, but now it is barely working at all. You can see him in the photo on the top from last October and then the one on the bottom is just a few weeks ago. He looks so frail to me. His wife is so worried and says she feels he is aging fast.

The next step for him is to have a procedure this Thursday where they go in through his carotid artery in his neck, go down the artery to his liver, then insert a stint into the liver and do a bypass of some sort, which is supposed to stop most of the fluid build up and help him keep some of his nutrients.

There are some risks, but we hope for the best. This experience could have been stayed off for a long time I am sure if it weren't for the shot he felt he needed to take.




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